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  • A Weekend of Tiredness

    So what all has Chris been up to lately? One hell of a lot! I left work early Friday to go help my dad get my mom’s b-day present. I had to leave 4 hours early to go help him. We get home, I take all my shit inside, including my backpack which still had […]

  • An Update??

    Well, I really want to update about A LOT of stuff, so if this starts and then doesn’t get finished, I’ll do that tomorrow. It’s really late as it is and my back is hurting and I’m sick. So the last couple days I’ve been feeling really nastalgic (sp?, use?). Anyways, with Andrew’s graduation coming […]

  • Flowers!

    So, yet another GREAT GREAT Wed night with Andrew. Ohhhh, what a great night! So I decided that I wasn’t going to go to work at all. So I sat around here paitently waiting for him to arrive. He finally got here about 12:30ish, I was looking out my peep-hole (Why’s that sound so bad […]

  • A Memory In Time.

    Ok, so updates about the weekend will happen later. First we much update about the ABSOLUTE best part of the weekend. Tonight there was supposed to have been a drag show. Andrew, Skinny and I were all going to go. (Skinny as our chaperone because apparently we’re 5 and need someone to watch us). We […]

  • I can feel so boring for someone so interesting

    So this morning while I was waiting for the bus I came up with this great little blurb about how I’m feeling and it included the word “Agnostic.” However before putting it up here I wanted to double check the definition of the word “Agnostic.” So today at 3:30 when I first had a chance […]