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I can feel so boring for someone so interesting

So this morning while I was waiting for the bus I came up with this great little blurb about how I’m feeling and it included the word “Agnostic.” However before putting it up here I wanted to double check the definition of the word “Agnostic.” So today at 3:30 when I first had a chance to go look it up, I did. I walked into the library, knowing the word. And up to the fourth floor. Found a dictionary, sat down with it and opened it to the A’s. Then I couldn’t remember what the hell the word was. So I sat there for about 20 minutes thinking of A words that would fit in the spot of the word I had forgotten, but none of them were right. So then I sat down the dictionary, and started studying. Finally about 45 minutes after first getting to the library I remembered the word… “AGNOSTIC!” I thought.

So I looked it up and it was the word I wanted… Now that I’m here updating, only 20 minutes later, I can’t remember the blurb… DAMNIT!

Anyways, today’s been VERY VERY long. I got to campus about 10:30, cause I was running late. Studied and went to class, then had my first test at 2. Totaly bombed it. It was mostly over Bond Valuation, and I hadn’t studied that very much because it was the smallest part of the section. Guess I shouldn’t do that again. Now I’m in the library trying to study for my next test at 8. But it’s hard because I’m way excited, plus I haven’t had anything to eat since about this time yesterday, and I keep falling asleep.

So yesterday this is what it looked like…

(Photo Credits go to Ramsey Tesdell)

It’s insane. Considering that just one week ago we had a record breaking high (more like record shatering high) of 87. And yesterday it was barely 32.

Not much else going on, so I shall be off to study some more!

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