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  • Stay Out!

    I really hope that the real world bosses aren’t near as bad as the ones that I have here. I understand that I’m a part time employee, and thus don’t really have my “own” office. But I _DO_ have my desk, and my computer, and my personal stuff in my desk drawers, etc. When I’m […]

  • Almost Over

    Well, the break has been going pretty good. Wed I worked all day. I played with my project most of the day, got quite a bit done with it really. Apache on one machine and MySQL on the other. Well MySQL was still compiliing when I left work, but it seems to be done now, […]

  • Pictures, Why am I so fat?

    So what have I done this weekend? Mostly nothing. Besides working on a garage, going out with Beak and leper boy, staying up tell 3 in the morning talking to crazies, and now watching TV. All very strange. So yeah, Friday I was going to go downtown, but I didn’t really feel like it by […]

  • So let’s see here, what’s been going on. This weekend was tons of fun, I was SO happy to be back and in my Topher’s arms again. Though VERY annoyed at the stupid plane people. GRR. That night I gave Chris lots of good pleasure (I hope!) in the tent and it was fun b/c […]

  • So Gifts??

    Ok here is the contiunatin of my last update. So gifts…. Chris got me the best, most thoughtful gifts I’ve ever gotten. He made me EVERY Cranberries CD there is…actually made with the pictures on the covers and everything. And tehre was another extra CD with all the songs they didn’t have on albums, plus […]