Almost Over

Well, the break has been going pretty good. Wed I worked all day. I played with my project most of the day, got quite a bit done with it really. Apache on one machine and MySQL on the other. Well MySQL was still compiliing when I left work, but it seems to be done now, because I got an e-mail saying that they MySQL user had a default shell, but no login directory. So that means it at least got to the point where it created the user, which I assume is a good thing. I can’t wait to get in on Monday and see how they are doing. Apache seemed to be responding pretty quickly and serving up PHP pages pretty good on Wed, so that’s exciting since it’s such an old beast. They will make good development machines if everything works out the way that I want it too.

After work I came home and cleaned up my apartment some, and sat around for a while. Then went home to PC, and cooked some stuff for T-day dinner. Went to bed about 11ish.

Thursday we had 19 people over at our house. 2 huge turkeys and a pork loin. And TONS of other yummy food!

Looks fun, eh? 😛

After everyone left, I just spent the rest of the night sitting around home, eating and doing nothing really.

Friday I went shoping with my mom and Brother. Good times. I got new boxers and a few other things, which I’ve already forgotten. I’ll get them all for christmas!

Speaking of, I’ve already got two of my christmas presents. A subscription to Mens Journal, and a subscription to a San Diego magazine. Good times!

After shopping, I came home and sat around all day.

Today, I got up, went to the mall to get our passport photos, which was very annoying. MILLIONS of small children! Then my parents spent like an hour in Victorias Secret… I waited outside. lol

After that went home, and then drove back to Ames.

And that’s been my day.

Laters all. Perhaps more of an update tomorrow, and I also want to elaborate on how much I missed Andrew this week, and how I can’t wait tell I have someone to bring to family fnctions!

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  1. Yeah. I really haven’t been doing it on purpose, but I didn’t have any gel at home, so I just used hairspray, and that’s what came out.

    I thought it semi-cute, so I took a pic, eh.

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