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The DEC Lives!

So ever since I started here, I’ve had sort of a pet project. I rescued two DEC 3000/300LX’s from the trash. A machine that has been in use since early 1994, and it’s still working. And quite nicely too, if I may add.

Anyways, the point is… My Pet project now works! Yes, I have NetBSD 1.6.1 working on them. The only thing left to really do is figure out how to boot them without a serial console. Currently I have the env var’s set to what SHOULD make it automatically boot, but it just sits there at the SRM prompt, looking at me until I tell it to ‘boot’. I’m very excited about that.

So that’s what I’ve been working on today and yesterday here. Also went through the family cookbook and made some changes. I’m going to go print a copy for myself here soon. Good times.

Andrew is on his way to NJ… well actually he should be there by now. Hope he has a good time.

I went and got the application today for my passport. Then called my dad to get my birth cert. He said we could all go and get them together, because he and my mom need it too. So that means they’ll pay for it. Which is good, cause it’slike $100 once you add in the picture cost!

I had the strangest dream last night. I dreamt that I was in NJ with Andrew, and his dad wanted some time alone with him, the whole weekend to be exact, you know like a father-son bonding weekend. But Mary was gone, so there was no where for the little children to go. So I took them camping. It was a very strange dream if you ask me!

It still doesn’t seem like t-day break!

Umm, yeah not much else going on. So I’m going to break.

Laters all!

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