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Working Away

Well here I am at work. It’s T-day week… Joy!

It still seems way early for t-day. I just am not in the mood yet. There hasn’t been any snow… 🙁

Yesterday we were supposed to get some good snow, but it didn’t happen, Lying bitches.

Hopefully this week will go good.

And that’s about all I have to say.

Laters all.

2 replies on “Working Away”

Did you read the one year ago one?
I know what Mike wanted to talk to you about!
And I was really pissed that you said I went crazy. I’m not sure I’m over it!!!

Yep, I sure did read one year ago. And I’ll never live it down for calling you crazy… But it turns out that you REALLY are crazy!

Too bad I didn’t take Mike’s advise back then though. 🙁

Oh well. Live and learn.

Laters all.

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