I Don’t Wanna!!!

I’ve decided that I don’t want to graduate yet! It’s to damn early people, you can’t make me! I swear!

Ever since my graduation year started, I keep getting bombarded with fun sounding things that I REALLY want to do. Today a guy came and talked to our MGMT 370 class about a 20 day trip to Europe.

You get to visit London, Paris, Zurich, Vienne, Salzburg, and Munich…. It sounds SO MUCH FUN! I really want to go, plus it’s worth 3 credits of Marketing! How cool is that… And I REALLY WANT TO GO !!!!! ::whines:: I’ve also decided that I really want go to Italy for a semester abroad. Of course, non of this is going to get to happen. :'( Fuckers waiting tell my last year to let me know about all the cool shit that’s going on!

Anyways, other then that, not much going on around here. I’ve opened a Principal checking/saving account. Which I thought at first would be really cool. That way I can bank online, and free bill pay and tons of other cool things, but then I was talking to my aunt and cousin about it, and apprenty if my other aunt, who works at principal, finds out about my account, she’ll be checking it and seeing what I’m doing. What a whore face bitch. Isn’t there a law against that!

I guess we’ll have to see about it. Plus the online bill pay, and the $50 they gave me to sign up was worth the troubles I think. Wells-Fargo charges you like $6 pr $7 a month for online bill pay. Bastards.

So… Question?

Why are there not ANY pencil sharpeners in classrooms anymore. I get to my test this morning, which by the way sucked, and found out that all my pencils were broken, I had to go through 4, that’s right FOUR! classrooms before just giving up and going to the office to get them sharpened. Bastards.

Well I’m out.
Laters all.

One thought on “I Don’t Wanna!!!”

  1. Me thinks m’brother went on that trip when he was in scool. Yeah, I don’t know why you care, just thought I would say it.

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