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A Memory In Time.

Ok, so updates about the weekend will happen later. First we much update about the ABSOLUTE best part of the weekend.

Tonight there was supposed to have been a drag show. Andrew, Skinny and I were all going to go. (Skinny as our chaperone because apparently we’re 5 and need someone to watch us). We got there and it was deserted. Crazy.

We went to Java’s and hung out for a while, then got bored. Skinny left so Andrew and I were like… “What now?”

I suggested going to the lake, so we did.

Got there and drove around a while, talking. Looking for a good place to watch the sunset. We eventually found one, about half way across the damn, down by the water. Such a great spot. We both sat there on this little rock, cuddled, held hands and talked about random stuff for a while.

We also kissed alot, just randomly, we’d be talking, and then suddenly kissing. It’s so nice to kiss him. Because as we talked about, they’re meaningfull kisses, not “lets get it on” kisses. So very very touching.

It was so nice to just hold him in my arms, and to caress his legs, and his arms. To rub his back, to kiss his face, his neck, his ear.

After a while of sitting there side by side, we moved so that he was infront of me, so that I could wrap my arms around him and hold him close. Again, so so wonderfull. And it was so nice to just sit there with him and take some time out of or hectic lives, and go to somewhere peacefull with someone that you really care for, and just hold them and kiss them, and watch the sun set. We talked about the Canyon and the great sunsets there, and Frankel Field at camp, the best place to watch the stars. Hopefully this summer we can spend lots of time there, going to all the places that I love going to there at camp and watching the sunset, or gazing up at the stars.

I’m such a romantic sometimes. It’s crazy! lol.

Eventually the sun had set, and we were there embracing each other, kissing, talking, hugging. So nice, I didn’t want to leave at all. It was getting cold and we stood up, hugged, kissed. Standing there on the rock, the sky purple, the “waves” breaking on the rocks behind us, it was like a movie. A nice romantic movie. Times like those I wish there were a photographer around.

Eventually we did leave, and we walked hand in hand back to the car.

Drove back to MH Hy-Vee where my car was. As we pulled in I saw Skinny’s car. We pulled up next to him, and he’s like “Where you two been for the last 3 hours!” So funny. We decided that the story was that we’ve been at Java’s all night with Skinny if Adam asks.

Skinny left, Andrew parked and we hugged again, Kissed again. I didn’t want to leave, I just couldn’t stop kissing him and hugging him. It was so sad to go.

But it’s been a wonderfull memory in time, and time takes all but memories.

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