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A Drive…

Ok, so Andrew already covered the majority of the night and well the non-private parts of the night will go into a real entry sometime Sunday night/Monday.

Anyways, driving to IC was tons of fun. Mostly because of the cuteness between Andrew and I. Holding hands, tickling, etc. So cute!

On the way back Andrew and I sat in the back seat. The first half we just sat there holding hands. Andrew kept dancing and it was funny cause he was only dancing with one hand. Hehe. Like half way back he laid his head down on my knee and it was so cute and precious. I wanted to kiss him so badly. But since Dusting AND Jenny had both made comments about not kissing/making out in the back seat I thought that I shouldn’t. But it was so cute, and I just loved it!

Eventually I put my arm all the way around him and held him and tight as I could. It was so nice. Too bad it was in such a crowded space! I also kissed him a couple times, and I just didn’t want to stop. Too bad we couldn’t have just put up like a curtain or something so they couldn’t see! lol. He’s also one of few people that actually has a REALLY good profile to look at, it’s so cute…

Anyways enough of my gushing. We eventually got to Dustin’s and dropped him off and Jenny was like “One of you has to sit in the front seat!” And I was like, “NO, I like this too much, don’t leave!” Ok, I didn’t actually say that, but whatever, it’s what I was thinking.

So Andrew got in the front seat and it was back to the leg rubbing, and hand holding of the ride out to IC. So nice still!

Jenny dropped us off at Perkins MH. We hugged and kissed. I was afraid of being shot there because of the crazies. It’s feels so good to kiss him, so touching, so so meaningful.

WE departed ways and as he was “walking” back to his car… Well actually he skipped the whole way. I was like, “Awww, how cute.” It was funny.

Drove home with a big smile on my face.

Today’s been crazymad. More of that in the public entry….

Finally I got to see Andrew about 5ish. I was REALLY hoping to get there earlier so that we could hang out more, rather then just “Hi, how’s it going” blah blah. But it was still REALLY good to see him. And he was DAMN hot in his Tux…

Someday, I’m going to get a man all dressed up in a tux and have WILD sex with him, starting by taking off the tux one piece at a time with my mouth!

Again, enough of my sexual fantasies… Can you tell I haven’t jecked it lately??? lol

We went into his house, just me him and beak, to take some pics and for him to get more film. We were taking pics with our arms around each other, I felt kinda wierd and out of place. But it was still nice. I wanted to give him a kiss so badly, but some woman walked in! Whore! lol.

Had to leave shortly after that because they were all getting ready to go. We hugged, again wanted a kiss so badly. Stupid people being around… Why can’t we just TELL everyone that we’re happy and shit! Rarr. Drove by, blew kisses. It was cute!

Spent tonight gushing to Beak about how much fun he is, and how much closer to him I feel then I ever did to Adam. I’m sure she’s sick of hearing of Andrew, and Adam for that matter. lol.

I was kinda hoping all night that he’d call and say “Hey, wanna come to after-prom.” Didn’t think he actually would, since he said before that he and Ginny had talked about it and ruled it out. But in the back of my mind I was hoping. He did call about midnight and that was nice to talk to him. Never did ask and I was kinda sad, but I understand because it was _his_ prom and Ginny was _his_ date. (As if she didn’t make that CLEAR enough in her journal entry!) lol. Anyways, still would have liked to have gone.

Made plans to hang out tomorrow. Can’t wait!

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