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Ok, so time for the private update about what REALLY happened 🙂
WHen I thought that Adam was still going out with us, I Told him that I was
going to dinnr with Courtney so that I would have an excuse to go out with
Chris. So Chris and I met at Perkins and we ate and this girl working there
sassed off to him (“Excuse me, I believe you had PIE.”)Really funny.
Anyways, we just talked about stuff and about how Adam gets mad that we hang
out, but he always suggests that we do it… mixed signals!
So then we were waitng for Jenny to get us (Oh I just remembed, BOTH Chris
and I looked UBER hot yesterday… mmm mm!) and we talked a bit in the car.
“Us” talk. I told him that I was just wondering if he was wning something
further to happen, and he informed me that he did, which set my mind at ease
a bit. I mentioned how sometimes I feel uncomfortable around the situation,
but only b/c I’ve been friends for him for so long, that sometimes I feel
silly! But it isn’t a big deal. 🙂
So on the ride up, I had my hand in the backseat on his leg and he was
rubbing my arm and it was cute and stuff. Then on the way home, we both got
to ride in the back, even though JEnny was afraid we would make out lol. I
think she was kidding….THINK
Eventually, we started holdin hands in the backseat, and that was sweet, and
then Adam called us both and it was like GRR! It was funny b/c earlier in the
night, I said to Chris, “Watch, if we aren’t online by like 12 or so, Adam
will be calling, wondering where we are.” And lo and behold, he called right
around 12 or so. Funny shit. So Chris finally talked to him and he was short
with him and Adam got annoyed and blah blah blah. So then I was tired so I
just layed down and rested my head on Chris’ knee. It was totally sweet, he
kept bending down and giving me little kisses on my head and neck. I
melted…. I felt SO connected to him last night…. It was wonderful.
Eventually he just put his arm all the way around me and held me there, and
we kissed a few times, and I’m not sure how Dustin and Jenny felt about
that…. but they most likely would’ve objected if they had been upset.
Hopefully Dustin doesn’t go blabbing to Adam or anything. I was a bit shocked
that Chris was even ok with showing that kind of emotion in front of them, I
thought he wouldn’t. It just proved to me that he really does care and really
does like me! YAY! I really really enjoyed just laying there in his arms
though. I wanted to take a picture of us b/c I’m sure we were adorable, but I
thought Dustin might have been just a tad uncomfortable taking a pic of that,
considering the circumstances. It was ok though, I’m sure we’ll have plenty
of opportunities for cute pics! : )
When we left, it was sad, as it always is, and I didn’t want to say goodbye
to Chris. I was a bit wary as to whether we should kiss goodbye in the
parking lot at Perkins or not… But we did, and it was magical, and I was
sooooooo happy. I smiled the whole way home, even though I was dead tired.
Today he said he may get a chance to come over and see me in my tux. I hope
he does, b/c I wanna see him!But if not, we have plans to go out tomorrow
night to the dragshow and maybe we will even hang out before then, if he
wants to accompany me over to Skinny’s. So who knows.
At any rate, another wonderful night with Chris. I think it’s great how
nothing bad has happened yet! I dunno, it’s arunning theme in my
relationships to have something bad happen like once every few days. But
nothing’s happened with us yet…. I feel that we would fight very little if
we dated. That’s just my gut feeling. NOt like it matters, b/c fights
actually do build relationships and make them stronger. Well, anyways, I’m
gonna try to figure out something to do for awhile until I get ready for Prom
Perhaps I’ll daydream about Chris some
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