Ames, Again

I just wrote a whole great entry about how wonderful Chris is and how we had
such a great time yesterday and now its GONE ALL GONE!!!! THis is why I use
EasyJournal blah!
Ok here goes, minus the stupid stuff.
Went to Ames.
Watched a bad movie about Giant Bugs.
Went to eat at Chinese Buffet, Chris paid (so sweet), we were blargmonsters
and a half.
Almost threw up on the car ride home.
We started watching “traffic” Though I didn’t really want to watch. I get the
impression Chris didn’t either, but I am not sure. 🙂
Bah, Adam is a crazy face!
Anyways, he was holding me during the movie, and that was so sweet and nice
and I love having his arms around me. So we were kissing randomly during the
“What’s going on in the movie?”
“I don’t know.”
“Eh, its hard to concentrate when there isa hot boy on my couch.”
It was something like that, totally sweet and I’m sure I was blushing
horribly. We kept kissing, and it was so nice, and we smiled at each other
and his eyes looked at me with such compassion. *Sigh* Wonderful.
I’m at a loss for words. Imagine that. ME, at a LOSS for words.
What a guy.
We eventually moved to the bed, b/c I was getting a bit uncomfy on the couch.
We layed down and kissed some more, well we kissed a lot, and it was so
blissful. We kissed, we laughed, we talked, he did the ear thing, I swooned
lol. We didn’t really talk about what was happening between us, but you know
what, that’s perfectly ok. I enjoyed just savoring the time I had with him.
It was supreme happiness, and the only thing that ruined it was the fact that
I had to go home.
So I left… ok well, I tried to leave, we got up, kissed some more, I pushed
him down and got on him, we kissed some more, I got up, and we stood by his
bedroom door, kissed some more. At some point I finally got my shoes on.
We stood by the door and kissed some more (imagine that). It was REALLY
REALLY hard to go, I wanted to just stay and skip school and say “FUCK
EVERYONE I WANNA BE WITH CHRIS!” but alas, I left. I didn’t want to… I get
the impression he didn’t want me to either. Stupid school, it ruins
So I left, and thought about him and what happened the whole way home. I
wanted to tell everyone at school what happened…. but when people asked me
how Ames was, I just responded with a “yeah, it was really cool, we had a
good time” I know how to play it cool…
Speaking of playing it cool, Adam is a crazy psycho freak. He called me 2
times and Chris 3 times last night, freaking out b/c he didn’t know where we
were. We bothmade up good storiese though and he was pacified. But I swear,
if he asks Chris just one more time if we are going to Prom togther, I will
murder him in his sleep. THough I think GInny took care of that on her
journal lol.
Anyways… I really like Chris, I think I say that too much. But, well, it’s
the truth!
I haven’t felt this way in FOREVER.
A caring and compassion that is real….. it actuallys FEELS real!!! How
I can only imagine what the next few months have in store for us… hopefully
good stuff. I don’t doubt it.
Yay for Chris being able to rock my face off!
And this time I WONT delete it.

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