Ames, yet again!

9:18PM – Ames, yet again!

So yeah another update that I write EXCLUSIVELY for Chris. He better feel damn special! Though I guess I would be writing this anyway b/c I always forget things that happen and need a journal to remind me. ANYWAYS
So yesterday, I was so excited all day to go up to see him, that I Just didn’t work out! Whoops! Oh well. So I get there and we just sat around, I forced him to make me lunch, and he did. It was sweet, even though I made him. lol 🙂
Then we watched “Starship Troopers” which was really kinda dumb, and Chris claims he now will have nightmares, crazy boy! Then we just talked, and did lots of random shit.
Went out to eat at the best Chinese place (“Enjoy your meal, please.” “Well, ok, but only b/c you said please.”) We totally BLARGED out. I ate two platefuls and then ice cream. I felt so sick on the way home, I thought I might throw up, so I cautioned Chris not to make any sudden stops, as he is known to do!
We went back to his house and started watching “Traffic” which is a really good movie. But I didn’t want to watch. We started cuddling and he was holding me and that was really YAY sweet! Oh I just remembered, he paid for dinner and that was really great too. So then we started kissing, and we kissed a lot, and it was so wonderful. I feel so many great emotions when I kiss him! I seriously have not felt this way in a LONG LONG LONG time. It is so nice to be held by someone who isn’t just there to fuck me, and who isn’t gonna leave me at the drop of a hat. So very very nice, to quote Chris lol. It was so cute, he was like “What’s going on in the movie?” and I wasl ike “I dunno.” and he said something like “It’s hard to concentrate when there’s a hot boy on the couch.” i was like awwww and I was probably blushing myself to death. THen I was on top of him, but I was way too crowded, so I suggested we move to the bed. I practically had to DRAG him along!
So we get there, and lay down, more kissing, more cuddling, more of that ear thing… mmmm. 🙂 We were having such a nice time, we kinda started talking about things, but we didn’t really push it, and I got the impression that he wanted to just talk later… .. which was fine, I just wanted to savor the moments I had with him. I had to leave eventually but I really didn’t want to!!! It was totally hard to leave. Like we sat up, kissed some more, then I pushed him back down and got on top of him for a minute or two, then got up, kissed more, and finally I got my shoes on. We kissed more, and I REALLY didn’t want to go. I would’ve easily just skipped school and spent the whole night with him. Even I am at a loss for words now… that should say something.
We kissed and kissed, kissed some more, I went to the door, went back, kissed, kissed, kissed! Yay, I love to kiss him. Such cute little lips, and they are so soft. It was great, just great.
Anyways… Adam called us a whole bunch during the night, but we never anwered our phones. Then he freaked out, blah blah, it’s practically turned into a daily occurence.
Well, I sure wish I could be with Chris. I miss the guy already! And the fact that it is totally hard for me to leave says something…. I’m falling for the guy!
Well, he has had to wait long enough for this, so I’m gonna go off and send it to him!

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