Magical Evening

So yeah……
To put it pretty simply….. the words “Magical Evening” now have such an entirely differnt meaning to me.
I think “Magical” is the only word that can even come close to describing how this night was.
So I was over at Skinnys and all 3 of us decided to do something. Adam called and basically told Skinny that he needs to chaperone Chris and I. Anyways, we went out to eat at Bennigans which was totally fun, and I couldn’t stop laughing and it was just crazyness.
Chris and I went to MHM while Skinny went home b/c his sister was freaking out. Then we went to get Chris’ mints, and then we went downtown to the drag show.
So yeah there definitely wasn’t a drag show. There was only one other car there besides us. THe entire way down I wanted to hold Chris’ hand, but I didn’t get up the guts to put my hand on his knee until we were pretty much almost there. We decided to go to JJ’s when we realized there wasn’t a show. Skinny sped off and Chris and I used the opportunity to get in a few kisses 🙂
At JJ’s we didn’t do much, then Skinny left, we both assumed it was b/c he knew we wanted to be alone. Thanks Skinny!
I came up with the idea to go watch the sunset up by Saylorville, which was (in my opinon) a wonderful suggestion! We drove up there and drove for a little bit until we found a suitable spot for us to stay.
We parked and walked down by the rocks. I wanted to hold his hand, but I didn’t, b/c I’m a big wuss! lol
We found a flat rock spot place to sit down at and we just sat down and talked. The scenery was so pretty. Listening to Chris, and to the waves and feeling the wind, it just made me feel so relaxed and so happy and carefree.
We just talked, and we got our arms around each other, and we kissed and we hugged and talked and did all 3 over and over and over again.
It was truly an enchanting evening. I for one had an excellently wonderful time and it was definitely better than any drag show would’ve been. I told him that I’m the little damsel in distress and he’s the big hero that holds me in his strong arms. He said I was the size of a stick lol.
Anyways, we just talked and shit… nothing really substantial. We did establish that Chris is not allowed to say “So are you” when I compliment him. That was pretty funny…..
So was “I think I got to bring more home than you did!” That was just downright hilarious.
Eventually we moved to where Chris was sitting with his legs open (teehee) and I was in between and he just had his arms around me. Some people walked by, but it didn’t bother us one bit! Yay homos! He was so warm and I feel so safe being held by him. I was completely at ease, and had no worries on my mind at all! Such a good feeling. It was definitely one of those days where you realize just how much you truly care about someone.
And I care about Chris an *AWFUL* lot. Maybe more than he knows…
So yeah wonderful day and night and we watched the sunset and it was sooooo romantic. We just sat there, me in his arms, watching the sun go down (and boy, did it go quick!) I just wanted it to last and last. We did more talking, and more kissing, and Chris kept tickling me! It always makes me giggle like a little girl. 🙂
We decided we had to leave at some point b/c it was getting just a bit nipply out. So we stand up on the rocks, and stood there for probably… I would say at least 10 minutes… just standing and kissing and I held his face in my hands (it sounds dumb to explain but I know what I mean) and that was just……. amazing. I don’t know what it was, but touching him and kissing him and standing there with the sun just set and a cool wind blowing across us. I practically died.
We walked back to the car and held hands and put our arms around each other and kissed some more. I held his hand again in the car on the way home… errr, to Hy-Vee. I dropped him off at his car at Hy-Vee, and it was really weird b/c we saw Skinny there. We were like “eh…?” Very odd. So we talked to him for a minute and then we went to saying goodbye, which of course, was very tough.
We kissed and stuff in the parking lot for awhile, then we had to break and it was sad. He pointed out the bulge in his pants and I said it was hot lol. I drove home, and was already missing him! I really wish he lived closer so I could see him more often.
Anyways, he may be coming down Wednesday, and if he does that’ll be great, specially now that John will more than likely either be home late or not at all. So we won’t have to deal with people coming into my room and bitching about the door not being open. Stupid parents!
All in all, another fabulous night with Chris, it was, in my opinion, one of the best nights we have had together.
Oh, I forgot… I also explained to Chris the difference between “real” kisses and sexual kisses, complete with demonstrations… I thought that was cute… lol
Anyways, I’m totally happy, but you wouldn’t be able to tell b/c I’m so damn tired that I’m just sitting here like bleeeeeeeeh.
As soon as I get Chris’ entry and read it, I’ll be off to bed, and to dream of my sweet thang! (That is you Chris, in case you are confused lol)

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