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Welcome Back, Kotter!

So, this weekend was pretty damn fun…

Friday night we were supposed to hang out with Andrew, Adam, Mike, Beak, Scott, and Me. Perhaps more, but who knows. Anyways, Adam called me and said that he didn’t want to hang out, and we assumed that he was going to go hang out with Scott. So Andrew and I met up, and waited around for Beak to show up. Whilst doing that Court and crew called and wanted us to go bolwing, then Dustin called and wanted us to drive to IC. So in like an hour period plans changed like a million times. Ended up driving to IC, tons of fun out there, even more fun back! Got home about 1:30ish Saturday morning, and then went to bed about 2:30 or so.

Saturday was also VERY hectic. Got up early and drove to Perry. Helped Beak move more shit. Got my fitness thing. (Which is still in a pile in my living room, must set that up tonight). Drove from Perry to her house on the south side. From there to Adam’s to pick up more shit and say “Hi.” From there to Ames to drop off my thing. Then Ames to Waukee to see Andrew before he went to prom. Rarr at him in a tux! Men that dress up are so fucking hot! Then from Waukee, Beak and I went out to supper. Thanks for buying BEAK!

After that back to PC to watch Drift, STUPID fucking movie. Although it was like watching my life, but the ending that I want wasn’t there. (Three endings, one of those things). It looked like they had taken Porn actors (Not even cute ones!), A porn screen play, and a PBS director. It was absolutely horrible. Although, I’m going to make a few more people sit through it before I return it! lol. I’m so evil.

Drove Beak home about midnight, hung out at her house for a little bit, then drove home again. Such a long day!

Sunday got up, met up with Adam about noon and then did random shit. Left there about 3ish and met up with Skinny and Andrew at MH Hy-Vee. From there we went out to eat, then to the Drag show…

We got there and there wasn’t anyone else around, apparently there wasn’t actually a drag show last night. We all sat there looking at each other for a bit wondering what the hell to do now… So we went to JJ’s and hung out tell about 8ish.

It was good to see Mike again, not as wierd as I thought it would be.

On the way home I had to pee so badly, I was taking the interstate and got just south of Ankeny and there was fucking Road construction for like 2 miles. We went 10mph or LESS the whole way, I HAD TO PEE SOOO BAD! ::whines::

By the time I got home I peed for like 30 minutes, I’m sure you all wanted to know that!

Anyways, I had a REALLY good weekend, and Sunday was by far the BEST day. And for once it wasn’t a depressing Sunday! 😀 Amazing I know.

Must get back to work now….

Expect changes sometime in the future, who knows how long though. I finally have b2 working right with 0.6.1, but there’s a few more coding changes I want to make to that before I finalize it. Also doing a few visual changes.


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Nice new layout, it’s just like the new EasyJournal, where they have the calendar and whatnot. Plaigerizer. That is horribly misspelled.
Well, whatever, “How’s been your day?”

This isn’t the whole new layout, just parts of it!

I have most of the coding done so that private entries are private and I didn’t have to fuck with the cat_id’s and shit.

There’s alot of design work left to do though, I may just upload what I have and then work on that later.

Who knows.

Anyone that has good color schemes E-MAIL me!

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