Oh My Topher

Oh my Topher. Or “Will soon be” my Topher. lol.
So I have had an absolutely fabulous day!
Both my parents were going to be gone Tuesday night so I told Chris that if he wanted, he was welcome to spend the night. He declined, claiming he had to go to school, and I contested that school wasn’t important, but that it was ok.
He called me Tues while I was at work, and asked if I still had that offer up. I sure did, so he headed on down.
That night, we went to the Dispute Part which was dumb as hell, but we managed to have a good time. Mainly by chanting “Where’s the pizza? Where’s the soda?”
Then we came home and got ready for bed. We slept in Jaime’s room b/c the bed is bigger. We layed down, and we spent a lot of time kissing, licking etc…. I now have hickies on BOTH my arms! lol. But BOY does he know what he is doing…. I was dying…. literally lol. It was wonderful.
Eventually I decided I needed to get to bed b/c I had school in the morning! So we were laying there, and he said something to the effect of “This is heaven.” Or something close to that and I Melted and it was really sweet. He held me all night, and I felt so close to him, and so calm, and so at peace with everything that is going on. When I get held, I just feel so safe and I feel that things will be ok after all! It was a really special feeling, and I am so glad that Chris brought it on.
Unfortunately, the morning came too quick.
We got up, after some more kissing, and I got ready for school, and he followed me around. lol.
OH yeah, he also mentioned during the night that he hasn’t missed one class this year (or semester, one of the two) and that this was the first one he missed, so I better feel special. Well, let me tell you, I really did.
Anyways, so he watched me get ready, then after more kissing, I left for school and he stayed at my house. School was too long.
I got home, and got changed, and we went to the Y to work out. That was fun, I was watching him use the machine while I was working my arms and he was just so adorable. I wish I would’ve videotaped it! Lol. So cute. THen I ran next to him and we were both really sweaty and gross.
So then we went home. He threw me in the closet and kissed me, then told me I smelled. 🙂
We both took showers, then went out to Subway so I could get my free lunch. While there, we ran into Court, Erin, Jenny Goodall, and Rachel LeValley and talked to tem for a few minutes. Then we came home and ate, me having my Subway and a piece of old pizza, and him eating a sandwich. Good times!
After that, we watched “Drift” which is officially the dumbest movie of all time. Very dumb, it had like 3 endings, so weird. So yeah Chris held me the whole time, and that felt wonderful yet again.
He said a lot of really sweet things to me… but since I have a terrible memory for those things, I have forgotten them. But I do know he said them, and I remember feeling very special and cared for on more than one occasion.
After the movie, we made out some more lol. He thought that me sitting on him and kinda grinding a bit was funny… I didn’t QUITE see the humor in it that he did.. maybe I missed something *shrugs*
After awhile, we decided we should actually do something, even though we agreed that doing that would be fun to continue with. But we ended up going to deposit my check (Waited forever in line!) and then we went to the mall, where I bought a belt, 2 shirts, and a pair of sandals for 30 bucks. Not a bad deal. We walked around and then went to Target and walked around, and then went home.
When home, we kissed some more, then finally I was forced to set up a game for Chris. He played FF8 for awhile, he definitely isn’t a natural, but its ok 🙂 Mother called at this point and was very obnoxious “Oh so Chris and you are alone? Not cool.” Yeah you are right Mom we had TONS of hot sex. Whatever… it kinda pissed me off.
Then we ate dinner, we had some pasta salad that Kelly made. After that downstairs, to just sit, and kiss and do sweet things until he left. He held me a lot, and we attempted to take lots of pics, though I’m not sure how many of them will actually come out b/c I think my arm kept getting in the way. It was really fun, we just talked about a lot of things, and that’s where the “Almost my Topher” thing came up. I atfirst said “Potentially almost my Topher” and he was like “I think you can drop the ‘potentially’.” So yeah that was a good sign 🙂 He told me I was sexy, yet another good sign.
We just had such a nice time. When he left, I really didn’t want him to, but I was afraid that John would come home and then things would be a bit weird. We took probably 10 or so minutes attempting to say goodbye. We just kept kissing and thanking each other for the wonderful day. That is when he said he couldn’t stop kissing me and I wholeheartedly agree. So tough to let go. Eventually we had to though, and he left.
Now I am sitting here, alone. I know I’m a big loser, b/c I miss Chris already. We have spent about 24 hours together, and now that he’s gone, I’m like “eh, what am I Supposed to do now?” I really just want his arms around me, I’m actually to the point of being sad that he isn’t here. God help me, I’m falling too fast for him.
I’m trying to hold myself back.
But I can’t help it……. oh why does my (almost) Topher have to be so grand?
Well, I don’t think I should ramble on any longer and scare him away, so I’m gonna email him this since he won’t get ittill like tomorrow anyway.
Oh yeah, he also kept saying I was a dork and a nerd for playing so much Final Fantasy! Well, it isn’t my fault that Squaresoft makes such great games!!! lol
Send me yours Topher!

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