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24 hours.

So Monday Andrew offered me the chance to come spend the night with him on Tuesday… I declined initally because I should have gone to class.

All day Tuesday I couldn’t stop thinking about him, and how GREAT it would be to spend a night with him again. I knew (or at least was REALLY hoping) that he would be here Friday night, but I just couldn’t wait. All day long I spent thinking about him. Debating with myself, should I go, should I not.

Finally I was tanning that night, and I was like. What would I RATHER do… I decided to spend the night with him.

I got there about 8ish, we went to some bowling thing, it was off because of a bunch of crazies, and shit. Very wierd. But still a good time! After that we went back to his place, we were sleeping in his sisters room (bigger bed). Kissing, licking. Ohhh so great. It was like I was in heaven. I likced his ear, and his elbows. It’s so amusing, what doing that does to him. He’s such a sensitive person! But, oh is it so much fun.

Eventually we had to stop because he had to get to bed. I wanted to take it further, or to even just keep kissing him. But I knew that taking it further wasn’t a good idea. Not yet, and well I suppose I could have kept him up all night, but we both would have been tired and bitchy the next day! We layed there cuddling all night long, my arms around him. It was so nice to just hold his body, to hold him, to hold onto his personality. I’ve never held someone like that before when sleeping together. Adam and I would just lay in bed, usually backs to each other. But holding him all night long was just the best thing. I kept waking up through out the night, and just kissing the back of his head. I was so happy to be able to do that! It seemed as though the night would never end, and I wish that it wouldn’t have, but all too soon the alarm was going off.

We layed there in bed, both with horribly bad breath I’m sure, kissing and hugging some more. After a bit of that we got up and I followed him around while he was getting ready to go to school. It was so cute! After some more kissing, he had to leave. I just hung out at his house while he was at school. Read all of his articles from the past school papers. All very good and interesting. Watched “Legally Blonde” and read some XY Mag. It was the longest 2 hours and 20 minutes ever!

He eventually finally got home, we changed to go work out. After some more kissing we left and worked out. That was tons of fun, and I felt good afterwards, even though I was all sweaty and gross. Went back to his and showered, threw him in the closet and kissed some more.

From there to subway to get him food, then back to his to get me food. We ate. It was very cute to just sit there across the table from each other. Eh, maybe I’m just crazy!

After eating we watched Drift. I swear I won’t complain about how bad it was! But who cares how bad it was, I was holding someone that I really care for, and that’s what really mattered.

After a while we went to VWM and to deposit rich boi’s checks. Had a good time there, as usuall. How can you not enjoy the mall?

From there back to his house for more kissing, hugging, etc. Again all so nice. I could just do that for 24 hours straight. Or, you could throw all that out and I could just lay there and hold him and talk to him for 24 hours straight, both would be heavenly.

Somewhere in between all the fun, I had more fun by playing FF8, I’m a natural at that game! lol. Actually, I think it’s so cute that he likes that game, even though I don’t really understand it, it’s kinda in my area.

Speaking of those little things, there’s so so much that we have in common really. It’s so great. And it seems that every day there’s some little quirck that we seem to find that we have in common.

Late that night somehow we got to talking about relationships and he said “Potentially almost my Topher” and I was like “Just drop the potentally.” Because unless someone comes along and sweeps him out from under me, I’d like to get into something deeper here sometime. I know that I’m calling the shots, because he’s said that on more then one occasion. I wanted to drop the “potentially” and the “almost” last night. But at one time we both agreed that we’d give Adam one month to get over it all. 13 days before that month is up, and it isn’t looking promising for him. But whatever, he pissed me the hell off last night (Adam, not Andrew). And I’m about ready to just tell him that a friendship with him isn’t worth the pain that he’s causing me, and Andrew. My purpose in life now is to make *_ME_* happy, not him. So why should I spare his feelings?

ANYHOW, back to the good things… We didn’t know why guy was going to get home, so I left shortly after 8. I really didn’t want to, I wanted to stay another night and just hold him some more, but I’m sure guy wouldn’t have been too pleased about that.

It took us like 10 minutes to get upstairs and then out the door. I think more kisses were dispenced in that short time then had been all day! lol. I had such a magically wonderful night/day.

Now here it is the next morning. And I’m missing him so much. Hopefully he won’t bother me to much, so I’ll be able to pay attention in class unlike on Tuesday!

I miss him so much, I can’t wait tell Friday!

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