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D, that’s about an A.

So good news, I got a 64% on my Phil 230 test… Now I know that doesn’t SEEM that good, but you have to consider that the class average was 44% and then with all the wonderfull statistics work you can do on that and the other info he gave out in class, I figure I’m in the top percent of this test. Crazy, isn’t it.

Although, I am only getting a 59% overall in the class. Don’t know class average there.

Rough times right now. We’ll all pull though.

However this has taken a toll on the schedule to get things updated around here. Got code done, but haven’t had time to do ANY of the visual. Thinking I’ll just upload the code changes (only one or two little things that you’ll notice, HUGE improvments for me!). Don’t know when I’ll have time to get around to the visuals. Damnit. Get off my ass!

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PLEASE make links stand out (underline, different color, borde. italics–anything) in your stylesheet this time. Try looking at that calendar and knowing which day had an entry on it. You can’t!

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