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I’m sorry.

So I just got off the phone with Andrew. He spent his night after work talking to Adam… A full two hours. I feel so sorry for him because he’s been put through so much already now. He really shouldn’t have had to have been put through this too.

Now that it’s all over and we’ve talked a bit about it, I just wish that right now I could go hold him. Let him know that I really do care, because it sounds as though Adam tried to tell him that I didn’t. I’m so glad that tomorrow is Friday, I really hope that his mom lets him spend the night. That’ll make things better. Just being able to hold him would make things better for me right now. And like I keep saying, I haven’t even had to deal with anything yet.

While we were talking, he said some really sweet things, about how he hasn’t had anyone care for him since David. And I’m so glad that he knows that I care for him. It makes me so happy that me just being there can make him happy. He’s such a great boy, he shouldn’t have to be put through this, not at all.

I wish that there were more that I could do to make him happy, to make this easier. But I don’t feel there is.

I’m so excited for tomorrow, hopefully I’ll be a fun drunk, and not a sad one. And even more hopefully, Drew’s mom will let him stay.

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