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So, yet another GREAT GREAT Wed night with Andrew. Ohhhh, what a great night!

So I decided that I wasn’t going to go to work at all. So I sat around here paitently waiting for him to arrive. He finally got here about 12:30ish, I was looking out my peep-hole (Why’s that sound so bad and wrong?), and I saw him carrying flowers. I was like, “OMG, ::tears:: how nice.” I had to wait a second to hold them back before opening the door. He came in and handed me the flowers. I was so in shock, and a warm fuzzy feeling that I just didn’t know what to do or act. It was such a special thing for me! No one’s EVER got me flowers before. Sooooo nice. I’m almost in tears just sitting here looking at them, and reading his card…”Topher – Thanks for being you! You mean the world to me! -Drew” They’re so pretty, I wish that I had my digital camera so that I could take some pics of them! Although now he’s kinda ruined a surprise that I’ve been planning, oh well….. Maybe I’ll just do it anyways!

After that excitment was done we came into my room where we sat and talked about how our day was, etc. Made him a CD which was really amusing. Although my CD burning software wasn’t working quite right, so I had to do alot of manual labor to get it done right. Bah! But it was tons of fun. After that we made plans to go out to Reiman gardens.

Went out there and there were a bunch of old crazies working there. First the lady taking money was like “How old is your friend there” and I was like 18. And she was like, “He could pass for 17.” and then she talked some more, and I handed her the $5 that I had, she took it and we went off. We were looking at the hatching area, and Andrew bitched about her saying that he could pass for 17, and then taking the $5 cause we figured she would only make us pay the $2. Well, a couple minutes after he bitched the lady was like… “Here I only rung you up at $2.” I was like, “Ohhh, thanks” I bet she heard Drew Bear bitching.

So Reiman was TONS of fun! We walked around inside, and then went outside…. Yet another place that I wish we had our own little photographer walking around with us! So many cute little thing happened there. First we walked over to this big bell like thing, I dunno what it is, but we stood under it and kissed. SOOO cute! And so much fun! After that we walked around some more. Stopped at this covered bridge type thing and kissed and hugged. God, we’re so CUTE! I just can’t get over it! Weeeeee, so great. You really have no IDEA how great it is to have someone that I care about, and I’m not ashamed of. Someone that I can go out in public and kiss, and hug, and hold hangs, and not be embarrased. Drew and I have had more PDA’s TODAY then Adam and I did in the whole 16 months of our relationship. So great!

After the bridge, we went up to this little hill thing and sat there on a bench and held each other, and kissed some more! We sure do alot of kissing! There were breeders and I think we scared them some… Eh, who cares!

From Reiman it was off to the mall because I heard that AE and Gap got new shit in. It didn’t look as if Gap did, but AE did. So that was fun. After that we went and ate at Village Inn. Good food there, I paid! From there it was off to Best Buy, where Andrew purchased FF1&2, the originals! I’m sure he was excited. Saw Andy Beatty there too!

After that back to my place where we sat around and talked, and kissed some more. Again such great times. What I really love about kissing him is after wards leaning back, and in that second before he openes his eyes, he’s so CUTE! So Adorably cute, and then he opens his eyes, and you see those big, sweet, caring brown eyes looking back and you, and you just feel so great and this warm tingly feeling flows throughout your body, oh so great! I wish I could take a picutre from my eyes so that I could see that all the time!

One thing that we talked about at Village Inn was all the gifts that we had given Ex’s. And it really pissed me off cause I realized how much money I had spent on Adam. I mean, we’re talking TONS of fucking money. And what did I really get in return, he never did anything sweet like I did (Ie, cards on car, etc), he never got me flowers, he never bought me tickets to some show that I wanted to see, he never did SHIT! Pretty much everytime we went out for food, I paid. Arg, it pisses me off to much. I wish I could block that 16 months from memory!

Anyways, back to much happier things. At 7:30ish we had to go to campus for a group meeting. That was amusing and only lasted like 20 minutes. Good time though, Andrew looked as though he was bored as hell! lol.

After that we came back to my house and laid in my bed with Enya playing in the back ground. They should make a movie about us cause we’re so CUTE!! Damnit. so fucking cute! We kissed and talked and kissed and talked some more. It’s getting so hard to leave him! I dunno what we’re going to do if we ever can’t have a Wed together.

And speaking of, he’s not going out Friday night, which is sad. But also understandable. I was reading XY today, the relationship section of the new guide thing, and it’s like…Ok, so I can’t think of exactly what it said right now, but basically is said that in a good relationship everyone has to have a night or two out with freinds that are just thier friends. And that there should be some non-shared friends. Anyways, I’m glad that he’s going out with girl. Even though I find her funny cause she almost acts like she’s his GF or something. So crazy! But I’m sure he’ll have fun, and I’ll find something fun to do too!

So eventually it came to the point where he had to leave, and it’s so hard. Of course it always takes like 20 minutes to get him out the door, and I feel kinda bad for pushing him… Cause I feel like I am. But he has to go at some point!

Tonight shall be filled with sweet sweet dreams, and I’ll be smiling all day tomorrow!

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