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The Memories of Adam

So I’ve started removing Adam from my life now. Got around to all the little things that he’s given me over the 16 months that we were together… Cards, picutres, pots. There really isn’t that much shit to tell you the truth.

I don’t know why that is either, perhaps it was a sign that our relationship just wasn’t right. Or maybe it was the fact that he just didn’t know how to give. I’m sure he had alot more stuff of mine then I had of his. BTW, he’s still got my class ring and I want it back.

But all in all, everything he gave me won’t even fill a small shoe box. I think that’s sad really, that those 16 months of him will fit into something so small.

I’m not even dating Andrew, and I have more pictures of him then I did of Adam. I also think that’s another sign, the sign that on my desk at work, all I had of Adam was one picture. A picture that doesn’t even feature him. He’s so small that you couldn’t even really see him. But now, I have four pictures containing Andrew on my desk. I think that’s an even stronger sign.

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