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So BORED! I am!

So, I got into my Managment 414 class. Now I have 15 credits next semester. Same schedule, just add an 8-9:30 AM class TR. Good times.

I’m so bored that I can tell you that 68% of posts over the last month have been private. Crazyness, eh!

I got lots of candy for Easter and I’m feeling blargy from it all. I ate the last of my Gma’s cookies, which I had promised to someone… Opps, I guess you don’t get them 😛

This week will consist of lots of time working. Must get as many hours onto this paycheck as possible. My camera ships soon, and I want to pay it off ASAP! Although, if things work out next month, I should end up with $440 in spendable monies. Good times.

I’ve been invited to a party on Friday here in Ames, don’t know if I’ll go or not. Have to see if anything else comes up.


So I forgot to tell this story…
A couple weekends ago when I helped Beak moved. I mentioned to my aunt that no one made salami (sp) this past year, and that I wanted some. She said that she had some and that she’d put it in with Beak’s stuff. She did. That night I forgot to take it home, so the next weekend on Saturday I got it when I was at her house, took it back to my house in PC, put it in the freezer, behind a thing of Ice Cream hoping that no one would find it. I left the next day, but forgot to get it out of the freezer.

So this past weekend (one week after I left it there), I went back to get it. And it wasn’t in the Freezer. I looked and looked and looked, and it was NO WHERE to be found. So I start bitching. My mom tells me that she saw it in the fridge, left open. Then my dad says, “I fed it to the dog because I didn’t know how long it had been in there.” But no one fessed up to putting it in the FRIDGE, or leaveing it open!

I WAS SOOOOOO FUCKING PISSED. First off, it WASN’T for them, so they shouldn’t have EVEN taken it out of the freezer, secondly whoever did take it out of the freezer SHOULDN’T have eaten it because it wasn’t they’re to EAT! Fuckers. GRRRR.

Sorry, just very annoyed about the whole thing!

Oh, and Andrew’s got me on this kick of playing old NES games now… Must get an emulator when I get home!

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I had my Easter lefovers eaten at like 8 o’clock last night. I second the blarghy motion. I ate my Cadbury egg too and think it gave me 17 cavites.

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