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How I miss you….

Why do I miss him so much. We spent all Friday night, and all day Saturday together. Didn’t see each other Sunday, but we talked. And now here it is, 3pm on Monday, and I just can’t get him out of my head.

I’ve decided that I will take Wed off, screw money. I’d much rather spend the day with Drew Bear.

I just can’t explain the feelings here.

His picture sits on my desk, with his big dark eyes, just staring at me. And I sit here, and stare back at the, and marvel in how dark, how sexy they are. I look at his face and see how sharp and clean he looks. I look at his lips, and think of how great it is to be able to kiss them.

I look at him, and think how wonderfull it is to hold him, and just kiss the back of his head. To be able to sit across the table from him and joke, and laugh, and tell stupid stories.

Why must he be so perfect.

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