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So Friday couldn’t have come sooner. It was SUCH a LONG day. Andrew came about, he was here about 8ish. I made him supper and we pow-wowwed on the floor and ate it. Really good food, if I do say so myself. After that we sat and watched TV, cuddled, kissed. We’re so cute together.

Umm, I wanna say about 10ish we finally decided to start drinking. So we started with the wine coolers. We each had two before we ended up making out and then eventually in bed. I really wanted to finish it all and actually get drunk. But all they did to me was make my stomach a bit wierd. So now I have stuff here. Perhaps I’ll just drink it this week.

Anyways, in bed we kissed and hugged, I rubbed his cute little ass. He’s got like the CUTEST ass I’ve ever seen. Sooooo cute! lol. Anyways, licking, kissing, cuddling. All so great. I could just do that forever! Someohow though it ended… I think I layed down next to him just cuddling. But then the next thing I knew, Andrew was moving around alot. Trying to get under the covers, and he woke me. I got under the covers too and was just cuddling him. That moved on to kissing, and then to other things. Before I knew it, it was like 9:30ish or so, and he was sitting in between my legs, dick out. We were kissing, and I was jacking him off. It was so amazing, it all went so fast. Before I knew it though, he was actually CUMING. I know that he always said that no one has EVER made him cum, so I felt special. But I still dismiss it to the fact that, A) he’d been hard for like 24 hours, B) it’s not that hard to get a guy to cum, C) I just don’t get it.

I just can’t beleive that I’m the only person ever to make him cum….. Still in shock. And there’s no pressure on me either, considering that he’s always said “the person that makes me cum is going to be my husband.” Crazies.

After he came he galavanted off to the shower, leaving me with a raging hard-on. It went away quickly though since he wasn’t there to interest it. After Andrew got out of the shower he appoligised for not finishing. I was like “It’s alright.” It’s happened more then enough to me, so no big problem. Although last night after he left, I tried so HARD to jack it, but I just coulnd’t keep it up long enough. I think Andrew’s spoiled it.

We left for the mall after we had both eaten and showered. It was good times there. We stopped at some software store that sold video games. Andrew looked at them all and it’s so cute. He’s such a geek, so very very cute. Even though it’s not computer related, at least it’s something that’s closer to computers then Bonsai are. He’s someone that can understand that things take time to do. Playing games takes lots of time. As do learning and playing with computers. It’s just another thing that we have in common I guess. Even though it’s not an exact match, it’s pretty close.

From there back to my house were we dropped off Andrew’s car. Then we were going to go to his house to play video games, but his mom forbid us from coming over. Random tangent…. His house/mom are such show people. They have to have everthing perfect before anyone can see it. When you walk into his house, it looks as if you’re on a home tour of a new housing development and you’re seeing the show house. It’s nice because it seems as though some of that’s rubbed off on Andrew. Like his room is always clean, which is a nice thing. Because I’m like that as well, even though I grew up in a house that looks like a tornado went through (A tornado with dogs prints). Just another cute little things that I notices.

So since his mom forbid us, we went to VW for a while, just walking around. Didn’t go into hardly any stores. I wasn’t in the mood too. After a bit there, called his mom again and this time she said we could come over… “But only for a couple hours.” So we did… Got there and she WASN’T EVEN THERE! Crazy Sue! Went and played video games. Andrew kept kissing me and stuff and I was very pariniod. I was like “What if crazy catches us.” So scary. Anyways, I didn’t get any of the games so he let me play Mario. I LOVE THAT GAME!

Went to supper at Cheddars. I didn’t think I had ever been there before, but like half way through the meal I realized I had been there before. Such a great time, there was like a breeder couple at the table next to us. I wanted to show them up, but I’m too shy to do as such. lol.


Went to B&N where we met Sheila. I also read Kevin’s book, and a found a book that had NOTHING but color swqatches in it. We were like.. WHY WOULD ANYONE PAY FOR THIS???

Sheila’s funny!

Back to PC, where we hot tubbed and made out. Fulfilled Drew’s fantasy of making out in a hot tub. We also talked about other ones. Including…

*Under the full moon

*Under the stars (No moon)

*On the golf course (Ok, we didn’t talk about this one, but it’s one of mine)

*Rocky out-cropping (Preferably in the Canyon)



*Big open field

*Lots of others

After the hot tub, which was SO VERY FUN. WE went inside, kicked my bro off the TV and laid there in our towels and watched Sister Sister and The Proud Family. Funny ass shows. And so nice to just lay there on the couch with Andrew in my arms. ::deep breaths:: SO NICE! Eventually he had to leave, so we went upstairs and changed…. Got another shot of his cute little ass! Weeeeee! We stood there and hugged and kissed some… Eventually making it outside where I stood in my towel, Drew made fun of the hickie he left on my shoulder, and we hugged and kissed some more.

I totally didn’t want him to leave last night. I wish that there were more time we could spend together. I missed him so much today, and last night!

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