Didn’t you already tell your mother that story?

Sunday, April 20, 2003
1:24PM – “Didn’t you already tell your mother that story?” Private

“Mother? I’m talking to the Bloomingdales catalog lady!”
LOL fun times!

So this weekend has been fucking awesome!

Friday I asked mother if I could stay at CHris’ and she reluctantly said yes. So after work, I stopped at Hy-Vee for pictures and then hightailed it up to Ames! I got there a little before 8 and Chris was cooking dinner. Totally cute 🙂

So we had a pow wow on the floor and ate dinner, these taco/burrito/fajita things. VERY good, my compliments to the chef! hehe. Yeah, then we watched TV I think, I dunno I don’t really remember.
The point is: Sister, Sister was on. So we watched that and just talked and random shit. We kissed and whatnot, somehow we ended up in the bed, still kissing and being all cuddly. Eventually, we decided that the alcohol didn’t need to go to waste, so we drank some of it. We both had 2 wine coolers, which didn’t do a thing for me, except make my stomach just a *wee* bit queazy. After that, we ended up just going to bed….

Well, going INTO the bed, and making out for a while. Then we were kissing, and the next thing I knew, I was waking up the next morning. Very weird. We were even still above the covers. I got under the covers and Chris and I cuddled sme more, holding each other and what not 🙂 It was only 7:38… I don’t think Chris was too happy.

Ugh, and my stupid back was really fucking up. SO annoying.

So then we kept making out and stuff, and it was REALLY good. I’d like to know where Chris learned all his techniques, b/c he is really good. The boy can make me squirm! 🙂 It was totally awesome, but I did feel bad, b/c sometimes I felt like he was doing more (licking body parts, etc.) for me than I was for him. I’ll have to change that next time, I don’t want to be only a taker! I like to give too! So that kept up for several hours, and ended with me sitting in between his legs while we kissed and he jacked me off, b/c I DESPERATELY needed to cum. Well, at first I was skeptical, and all “Well, I’ll just take over when I’m ready and then I will cum.” Nope! Chris started licking me elbow while he was jacking me (Enfuego came out of the pants now b/c I didn’t want to cum all in my boxers b/c I only brought the pair I was wearing) So Chris was licking the elbow, and jacking me, and suddenly I was thinking “OH MY GOD. I Am gonna have an orgasm!!!!!!!” AND *drum roll*

I DID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I came without touching myself AT ALL. It was totally amazing, and a REALLY REALLY good cum. I seriously could not (and still can’t!) believe it. After all the guys that have tried and tried to make me cum, no one ever has, and now Chris finally did.

And I don’t mean it in a strictly sexual sense. It really said something to me that he could make me cum. It makes sense in my head….

Anyways after that I scampred off to the shower, completely delighted, and I neglected Hoodie. 🙁 I felt really bad, suddenly in the shower, I was like OMG I didn’t let Chris cum! And i Felt really bad. THen my belly button ring fell out. Because the top ball had somehow fallen out again. Whoops.
Anyways I apologized to Chris for the cum thing and he said it was ok. THen we made macaroni, ateit and Watched Golden Girls, I made some phone calls, and we left. We went to the mall at Ames, and stopped in the Software Store, where Chris reitertated that I’m a big geek/nerd/loser. From what I gather though, he thinks its cute. So its ok.

Then we came to DSM and I almost died on the way b/c it was raining pretty bad. I left my car at PC, and we were gonna go to my house, and hang out play video games and the such, but mother forbade us for coming over. So off to Valley West it was. We didn’t really do anything there, just randomness, walking around… we didn’t even really go into the stores. But we did pee! And that’s the important part.

We left and I called again and us coming over was Okayd. But only for a few hours. We get there and mother isn’t even home! SHe is TOO weird sometimes. So I showed Chris some more games, and I’m not sure how interested he was in them, but if he wasn’t he faked it well lol. We both played some, and then decided to go out to eat.

We went to Cheddars which was fun, Chris contending the whole time that he had NEVEr eaten therebefore, while for me, it’s practically my 3rd home. My 2nd being in Chris’ arms. 🙂

So we ate, I paid, we wanted dessert but we were too blargy.

Oh I forgot to mention it was “Ugly People day at the mall. I reallywish Chris and I would get the memo so we would know to avoid it.

THen we went to B&N and met up with Sheila and did random shit, Sheila telling us the woes of her life, it was funny. We left, and went to PC to go hot-tubbing, which I hadn’t done in so long!
We cuddled on Chris’ bed for awhile before we left and I would’ve been happy spending the rest of the night there. It’s SO wonderful to have him hold me 🙂

We did end upgonig hottubbing and that was fun too. Some kissing and stuff in there, and it was sweet (and tasted like chlorine! lol) We just talked and eventually got out and went inside b/c Sister, Sister and Proud Family was on. Chris was falling asleep during SS and I don’t blame him b/c I was uber tired as well. I fell asleep for a few seconds a few times during PF. I just wanted to stay and have Chris hold me all night again. But I had to leave 🙁 It was REALLY bad driving home, I was so fucking tired.

When we said goodbye, Chris came out in nothing but his towel. Such a cutie! We thanked each other for the wonderful weekend.

Yet another great time with Chris. I am so content just doing random shit with him…. and it’s still tons of fun. We had a really great weekend, and when I woke up this morning I was wishing that he could’ve been there to holdme and kiss me, and Iwas sad tht he wasn’t 🙁 And this week there is no Special Wednesday! Cause CHris has to work! Oh woe is me! So I most likely won’t see him till Friday which is obviously WAY too long.

I can’t believe he made me cum! lol I explained to him that I always said the guy who makes me cum would be my husband, he was like “yeah so no pressure” it was funny…

*Sigh* Such a good man. I can’t wait until he’s mine. So many good times still waiting to be had… it’s gonna be great.

Everytime I see him, I want him more and more and I fall more and more for him. Oh, it’s so fun to care about someone this much!!!!!! Thanks Chris for bringing up all these feelings in me, I love it and I love caring about you as much as I do!

I’m not even sure that made sense but eh! I’m off to play FF9!!!!!

BREAK! *Kiss*

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