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  • “Improvement”

    The other day I was stumbling and found this thing called “Flash Earth“. Basically it takes all the different satellite sources out there and merges them into one. So I looked up the area behind my parents house… Yahoo has the oldest maps, back before they started building that giant horrible golf course. Then check […]

  • Idyllwild Camping Trip!

    Well I’m back, sorry it’s been so long. I’ve been crazy busy with work and being out of town and what not. So anyways, last week was very busy for me, 12 hour day on wed again. Getting things done with work, but it just keeps piling up now…. Thursday night Constantine came over and […]

  • Google Streetview in LA & $0.99 iPhone!

    Google Streetview is now in LA! Check it out. They even have a very small bit of my area done! How fucking cool is that! Also, go to the 99 cent store and get yourself an iPhone, for only 99cents! Thanks to Muychingon for finding that!

  • Some good stuff…

    Ok. I said I’d try and write about the good stuff that’s going on as well! Well first off, I’ve been crazy busy with both my job and my contracts. I’ve got three currently active contracts and one of those is adding on an additional two contracts. So that’s excellent news. I love making money! […]

  • Rock Climbing & Camping!

    I’ve been very active this week and yet I feel as though I’ve done nothing! Oh my. Work has been crazy busy, my personal life has been packed. Things are crazy! So Wed night I went rock climbing with Mok. That boy has some HOT legs! Oh my. And the other boys there at the […]