Idyllwild Camping Trip!

Well I’m back, sorry it’s been so long. I’ve been crazy busy with work and being out of town and what not.

So anyways, last week was very busy for me, 12 hour day on wed again. Getting things done with work, but it just keeps piling up now….

Thursday night Constantine came over and we packed up the rest of the stuff for the trip and then watched The Journey of Jared Price. It was a HORRIBLE movie. The only thing good about it was the hot sex scenes. Basically everyone has sex at one point. Except the old blind woman. haha. I do not suggest renting it though.

Friday we all packed up at 1 and then waited for Mok to get there. He got to my place about 2 and we all headed out. Of course there was traffic, but not near as bad as last time! I had to sit in on a really boring conf call during the drive up there and I felt bad for the rest of the people in my car. Got to the camp site about 5:30 or 6ish which was just perfect. The camp ground was beautiful and there weren’t very many people there.

So we unloaded and then made dinner which was Walking Tacos! Very yummy! 🙂 After that we all just sat around the camp fire talking and eating Smores and drinking and what not.

Saturday morning we got up and made breakfast, then headed out on a 7 mile round trip hike to Suicide Rock and back. It was a really cool hike! Lots of climbing on the way up though. But the view from the top was WELL worth the work to get up there. Soo pretty. We all spent about 30 minutes up at the top enjoying the view and the breeze. Headed back down and got back to the camp site about 2ish. Ate lunch and then we all showered. After that we were all too tired to really do much else so we headed into town (within walking distance) and checked out the shops and stopped at this crazy woman’s natural food place. I had something called the Strawberry Delight. Which basically tasted just like a peanut butter and jelly sandwich without the bread. It was kinda gross, but I didn’t want to throw it out infront of her cause she said it was her favorite drink!

After that we headed back to the camp site and made dinner, which was delicious! The Corn bread and the Apple cobbler turned out PERFECT! I was amazed. It’s so rare that my dutch oven food turns out that perfect! That night we spent the night hanging out in the camp site chatting it up again. The stars were beautiful all weekend!

Sunday morning we got up and made breakfast and packed up the camp site. Headed out of there about 10ish I think. We got back to LA at 12:30 which was great time, no traffic or anything! Although my car did start to make a strange sound when braking hard. I really need to get rid of it! I just don’t know what to get or how much I should spend!

After that Constantine and I headed to this Chinese place here in RB. I’d never been to it, but we thought we’d check it out. It’s called Seashore Chinese. They have a lunch menu daily from 1-3pm! The place was filled with asians so you know it’s good! 😀 We had plenty of stuff left over for dinner tonight!

From there we came back to my place and took a 2 hour nap and then watched My Own Private Idaho. Which was just a CRAZY fucking movie! He spent the night and today I am back at work. UGH to 5 day weeks. I’m not sure I can do this! haha.

Pictures from the weekend are here

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