Tag: Constantine

  • Const is in Houston!

    Road trip to Houston!!! This past week I have been on a road trip to Houston! Constantine has moved there for the next 6 months! 🙁 So Tuesday was not a very good day for me. I had a 4 hour meeting I had to prepare for, and I had to prepare to be out […]

  • Я тебя люблю

    I told Constantine that I love him on Valentines day. He said. “Thank you”. While in Napa he said it in Russian. Yesterday he said it for real. I didn’t respond. Do I? Do I not. I’m not sure. I really care about him. I’m going to miss him. But do I love him. I […]

  • Mika Concert!

    This weekend, Const reminded me that I never blogged about the Mika Concert! Oh my god. Just as good, if not better then Patrick Wolf. Anyways, if you’ve never heard of him. Go check him out. This weekend was fun. Dinner with Jason, Steve and Erick. I made a prime rib roast, but it wasn’t […]

  • Unmotivational!

    I’ve been very unmotivated lately to really do anything. I’ve had a string of bad/annoying clients lately with the whole freelance thing, so that’s put me off. I seriously cannot believe how stupid some of these people are. IE: one guy was bitching because i sent him a link to his site that didn’t have […]

  • No Birthday Presents for me…

    Hmm. It’s been a long weekend. Thursday I worked from home and picked up my Aunt from the airport. It was raining so there wasn’t much to really do around here which was sad. I showed her around the area. Constantine came over and we all went out to dinner and watched a movie here […]