New Theme

Last week, one of the guys at my office introduced me to WPRemix. I downloaded it and played with it some. Then, I got a client who wants to use it and change it for the site they are developing. So I had to learn all about it.

In the process, I came up with a new theme for my site. I was able to put this together in 3 days, and even with some very interesting/fun javascript/css to create the curve around the bike wheel.

The theme is a little WIDE for most people I’m guessing. So I’m thinking of ways to shrink that down as it’s currently 1100px wide. I really shouldn’t cause too many issues though because based on Google Analytics most of my visitors are using 1280×1024 screen resolutions.

Anyways, I hope everyone likes it… I hadn’t really been feeling very designy lately, but this surprised me.

Let me know if you see anything broken!

Scones and My Kitty!

Wow. I have a lot to talk about here…

Last night was very busy. I went to the gym for an hour and biked. Then came home and cleaned the kitchen in prep for the night.

Constantine came over and he brought me a present! One of those memory foam things for my bed! How nice of him! 🙂

So we went grocery shopping and bought all the stuff we needed to make. Spent the whole night cooking and baking and having a good time! We made Peach Apricot glaze chicken, Ham and Cream Cheese Roll ups, and Pumpkin Scones! All of them turned out excellent except for the Pumpkin Scones, which weren’t horrible, but also not great!

We had a really good time making all those even though it was very hectic because I was also dealing with a large issue at work.

While we were icing the scones though my mom called. I answer and she tells me she’s at the animal hospital…..

My kitty (Elvis) the one that Adam saved from the street died last night. 🙁 He had a heart attack. It was very sad news. He wasn’t all that old either really…

RIP Elvis…

In other news. I’ve been working very hard on updating Gas Tracker. It’s a neat little PHP thing to help you track your gas receipts. The guy who wrote it originally hasn’t updated it in over a year, and it was a mess if you ask me. So I put it all into classes and basically completely re-wrote it all. It still has a lot of work to do (Mostly on the whole Maint Events part) but it’s very nice. You can see my Stats Here!

Next I am going to work on something very similar only for paychecks! Should be much easier to write as well. Cause everyone knows I’m a stats whore!

Oksana comes this weekend and I’m very excited! Cleaning and what not tonight and then tomorrow morning we pick her up from the airport, then to the Getty!

OK. I’m out everyone. Bye!

More Counties Consider RAGBRAI Ban

More Counties Consider RAGBRAI Ban – KCCI Des Moines

This story is really sad. I mean, really, who’s the IDIOT that sued because some guy hit a crack in the road and died? Serious??!?!?

That’s all a part of RIDING YOUR BIKE. There are dangers associated with doing as such. YOU KNOW about them when you get ON THE BIKE.

It’s really sad that such a fun and great ride could be in jeopardy because one asshole wanted a quick payout. Yes, I’m sorry that someone died, it sucks when that happens. But take responsibility! The guy knew that there was a danger when he squeezed into those tight little shorts!


No Car for me! Damnit!

Ok. I’ve made an executive decision…. I am _NOT_ getting a new car…. YET!

I was SO CLOSE on Sunday to buying one. But now I made a list of all the other shit that I want to buy and I just think that I should buy that stuff first.

EU Trip – $700
Bed Set – $900
Couch – $900
RAID – $1,000
DVD Player/Surround Sound – $400
iPod/iPhone – $400
Iowa Christmas Trip – $500
Bike Repairs/New Helmet – $200

Lots of other stuff that’s slipping my mind right now (The list is at home!). But overall the list came out to just over $7,000 worth of stuff that I want to get. Sooooo I will not be getting a new car. I will just spend the $400 to repair my current car and keep it another year.

Also on the lines of money. Why does no one want my money! Seriously. I keep calling people trying to buy things from them and they just never get back to me! Tuesday I called 4 realtors asking about properties I had seen on All of them said they would get back to me that afternoon with the information I asked for. I have YET to hear anything back from them. Same with the asshole at the car dealership, I go in wanting to buy a car and he treats me like shit!

Lets see, So Tuesday I went out to Beige with Constantine. Had an EXCELLENT time. So much fun going back there. Although, I’m way to old for that shit any more! haha. I was sooo tired at work on Wed.

Work has been going excellent, however, I’m very tired of coding in Java. So I’ve been thinking about getting my MBA again. Sadly the deadline is Oct 30th for Spring admission, so I’ll have to wait till fall to get in. But I think I will start studying for my GMAT.

Ohhhh. So Tuesday, my external hard drive died. Or at least I thought it had. I was FREAKING out cause it has all my life on it, so Constantine and I went to Fry’s to get a new case for it to see if that was the problem. Come home and put the drive in the new case and plug it into firewire and it still doesn’t work! 🙁 So I’m freaking out and then Constantine is like. “Why don’t you try USB”. So I do and it works! YAYAYAY! I didn’t lose my life!

So, that’s basically it. Adios!

Trevor Hall and Other Stuff

So Thursday night I headed out of work about 2:30 and headed up to Santa Monica to meet Constantine up at the mall by his office. It took forever to get there, but traffic really wasn’t all that bad. Just a really long drive.

So I got there and we shopped around for a little bit. I bought one of the new flat apple keyboards there. I _love_ it! I would have liked to have the wireless one, but I don’t like how small it is. So I go the wired one. Which is ok, because it has 2 usb ports built in. So that’s good news. 🙂 I also love how soft the touch is.

From there we headed out to Cha Cha Cha’s It took us like an hour to go the 10 miles. lol. Damn LA traffic. Anyways, the place is really cool. They have this very funky decor. The food was good too and we got Sangria which was fun! I got Jerk Pulled Pork. It’s Fucking HOOOOTTTT! But it tastes good. I finished it for lunch Friday.

Left there and headed for The Derby to see Trevor Hall. The website said that he was supposed to start at 8 and some other guy was supposed to start at 7:30. So we get there at 7:30 and the doors are locked. So we go down the street to get Coffee Bean. Head back to the doors at 8 and they are just opening them. We get to the ticket lady and I had printed out the flyer that clearly said. “$8 W/flyer $12 without”. It didn’t say anything else about restrictions. So I hand it to her and say that I am paying for both of us. She then states that the flyer is only good for ONE PERSON. Excuse me? It doesn’t _SAY_ that anywhere! THEN! The flyer also clearly states “Free well drinks till 9pm”. So she hands us two coupons… Apparently “Free drinks” means. “One free drink”. UGH! What an annoying place.

Once we get in we find out that Trevor isn’t supposed to go on till 8:50 now. WTF? Why can’t they keep these things straight!

Anyways, the guys before him were ok. But Trevor was amazing. I enjoyed going.

Friday I worked and then came home, went to the gym for an hour to bike on a bike that I can’t crash. Then putzed around Torrance Toytota. Which had the EXACT Camery in stock that Cars Direct told me I would have to wait a month to get (If I could even get it at all, because I wanted navigation without leather). So I called Cars direct and bitched them out. And Torrance Toyota is still using the line. “Well hybrids are really hard to get your hands on.” LIARS! If you have 14 of them in stock, and Santa Monica Toyota has 50 in stock, that means they are NOT hard to get your hands on! So I walked out of there. Then today I get an email from them saying that they have a Red Prius, and they say they are willing to give me the exact price I wanted on Friday. Idiots!

Came home and did the dishes from the camping trip and then watched some TV.

Friday night we got some EXCELLENT thunderstorms and rain showers which was just great!

Saturday morning I got up and vacuumed and then got my hair cut. Constantine and I were supposed to go to the fair, but it was pooring down rain, so we went to Ikea and got lunch. Then out to one of his friends house to take pics. From there we went to The Getty. The views from there were AMAZING! You could see all the way past long beach! It was just breathtaking. You never get that clear of a day in LA!!!

Pics from the getty are here.

If every day in LA looked as pretty as it did on Saturday this place would be a lot nicer! That night we came back to my place, baked an Apple Pie and watched Fracture. It was a REALLY good movie.

Sunday we got up and made breakfast and then went to Barnes and Noble and got books about Vienna and Prague! YAY! After that we went to Home Depot and got stuff to make another giant painting! Went after that for a walk on the beach. LA was still very pretty and clear but not as nice as the day before.

Came back to my place after that and watched Shooter. Another EXCELLENT movie! Constantine left after that and I hung out at home the rest of the night.