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Last week, one of the guys at my office introduced me to WPRemix. I downloaded it and played with it some. Then, I got a client who wants to use it and change it for the site they are developing. So I had to learn all about it.

In the process, I came up with a new theme for my site. I was able to put this together in 3 days, and even with some very interesting/fun javascript/css to create the curve around the bike wheel.

The theme is a little WIDE for most people I’m guessing. So I’m thinking of ways to shrink that down as it’s currently 1100px wide. I really shouldn’t cause too many issues though because based on Google Analytics most of my visitors are using 1280×1024 screen resolutions.

Anyways, I hope everyone likes it… I hadn’t really been feeling very designy lately, but this surprised me.

Let me know if you see anything broken!

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