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  • New Apartment Pressure

    The pressure of a new apartment and the status of our relationship is really wearing on me. I am just not getting what I need out of him The other day we went out to a birthday party for one of his friends. Of course Eric was there. As we were leaving we passed by […]

  • Protected: A breakup letter

    There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

  • AIDS LIFECYCLE and New apartment

    Well, I’m back from week of cycling through the state of California. 545 miles from SF to LA. This is my third time doing it and it was a tough tough challenge yet again. I should have written daily updates, TBH. Because a lot happened but now I don’t really want to post about them. […]

  • Philippines, no more Oakland

    So, it’s been a while since I last posted and there’s a reason for that. A lot has been happening and I just didn’t really have the time or mental energy to post anything. First, I’m out of Oakland completely. It cost me $11,700 to pay off the fucking lease. Derik got a new 1 […]

  • He Said he loves me

    So, after the last post, we all went out to a bar in Oakland. I invited a one of my friends who brought 2 of his friends. So all together there were 6 of us. It was a fun night for most of us. We had some drinks, watched Karaoke, Charlie even got up on […]