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Back from WA

So I’ve spent this week in WA and it’ s been a REALLY rough work week.

Monday I went into the office and worked for 3 hours there. I’m sure CFO did something stupid to piss me off!… [goes to read twitter account]….
That’s right. He forgot his gmail password! (we host our email on gmail). He sent me three nasty emails about getting it reset. Umm, do I REALLY have to tell someone to click on the fucking “Reset password” link? REALLY?! Are you that fucking stupid.

Anyways, got to Pasco and went to the office. Met the crew there and did some minor work to get the week started. The office manager there really pissed me off, but I think it’s just her personality. Got out of the office about 9ish and headed to the hotel which was really nice.

Got up Tuesday morning at 7 and was in the office by 8. Things went down hill. Basically I spent the day trying to figure out why one computer couldn’t connect to the internet. Apparently our new ASA that we bought only had 10 licenses and we were running WAY more then 10 things behiind it. So I had to scramble to get a new license. It was a huge mess. But I met the guy working the WA shipping office. He’s from Miami and HOT. I wish he lived in LA.

So because of him and other problems in shipping I spent 90% of my time there working on things. He’s sooo cute! And I kept getting vibes from him, but then he’d talk about girls. Who knows. Anyways, I got his number and we’ve been txting today.

Basically in two days I put in 12 hours Tuesday and 15 hours Wed. Had a lot of fun, but it was also a lot of hard work while I was there. I hope that I can go visit Peruvian in WA and Miami sometime! 🙂

The plant there is amazing. So much technology but also so much manual labor still! They were building these amazing machines to help assist with the picking and stuff. Just really neato!

Last night the 4 of us went out for drinks and pool. Had lots of laughs. I went to bed and got up at 4am to catch my flights back. They were really nice and went into Salt Lake city again which was great. I really need to go visit!

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