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Grandma leaves tomorrow!

It’s been a BUSY weekend here! I’ve driven over 700 miles with grandma in the last few days.

So Friday, Jason and I left work early and headed out to Palm Springs. On the way there we stopped at the Octo-Mom’s house for some fun and entertainment! Got to PS and saw the sign for the tram way and jason said he’d never been on it. So we took a detour there and played in the snow some!

Picked up grandma from PS after some swimming and a delicious dinner!

Got home late and went to bed, Saturday we got up and went to downtown where I showed her around some then saw Frost/Nixon the play. Amazing! 🙂 To bad it’s not still playing!

After that we went to the farmers market and then came home.

Sunday we got up and went out to meet the rock climbing group, did some MINOR rock climbing, and then tried to eat lunch with the group, but it was getting to late so we had to go home. Made the noodles and roast and then relaxed around the house for a bit.

That evening we had a dinner party at Jason’s house which was TONS of fun. Sirin, Jason, my grandma and I had a great time just chatting and hanging out and what not. Also Jason made amazing Cheesecake and Sirin made brownies! YUM!

Monday morning we got up and had breakfast at the local crepe place with the BITCHY waitress, then headed out and we saw the Hsi Lai Temple, Watts Towers, ate lunch at a Vegan place and then went Wine Tasting, then saw Venice beach and drove home after that and again spent the evening at the house.

Tuesday we got up and lounged around the house a bit then drove off to eat lunch at this place called “The Counter” that my grandma told me about a long time ago. She seemed to enjoy it! From there we drove around 3rd street in santa monica, then off to the Getty for the afternoon. Once we were done there we drove home, made dinner and waited for my aunt to get there.

After she leaves I only get 2 days to myself before more company comes! What a busy busy life!

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