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Weekend of WORK!

So this past weekend, all I did was WORK WORK WORK!

It started at 8:30am Friday when I got a call. Nothing major, just someone needing shit done which sucked. So I got out of bed and headed to the office, got in there, then started getting ready for the evenings project. Aaron was on his way in and we were going to dismantle and then re-rack the entire rack system. So by 5 I had most of the minor systems out and then at 5 I shut down the rest of the stuff. By the time aaron got there and we got done chatting it was dinner time, so the Controller ordered in Dinner for us. After that we shut down the last server and started cleaning up and dismantling the network connections.

So anyways, after tons and tons of work, we got everything back in to the rack and got the major stuff back up and working by 5am Saturday.

Got home and slept till noon and then got up again and headed back to the office. It was supposed to not take as long but of course it wasn’t another easy night. We took systems down by 3pm and they got back up at midnight. The new systems are great! 🙂 I can’t wait to get to start actually using them!

One major problem is that my Linux VZ server is having major RAID problems now, so that sucks.

We got done with on Saturday and this REALLY hot Warehouse worker invited Aaron and I out to dinner, so we went and I paid. I’ll just charge the company! haha. Aaron got the guy’s number! lol

Got home and went to bed by 2 and then Sunday I got up at 7 am went rock climbing. It was an amazing day! I’m so glad that I went because we learned how to do a short rope rappel which was just an amazing experience!

Came home around 5ish and met up with Daniel again. He’s so super cute. We both always laugh and chat a lot when he’s here, but I’m just a little concerned about A) his lack of schooling and B) his pot smoking! 🙁

We shall see where that goes.

Today I got up late cause I woke up at 4am puking. So I got dressed up, packed up my bag and then go to the office. Went to get my bag out of the back seat and it was missing! So I had to come back home. So I’m just working from home today. HOWEVER, since my Linux server is dead. I have no idea what I need to do! LOL

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Puking eh? What on earth caused that? I want to know more about his super cute hot warehouse worker… keep me posted on what happens with your friend who got his number 🙂 and as for the pot smoking… that sucks… you will always be number two… pot will be his number one… and hope grandma is baking some yummy delights with her new Real Food Daily cook book!!! Talk soon…

Who knows what caused it! I felt like shit though! I’ll let you know what happens with the mexi! 🙂 He’s cute, but works 10pm-2am! So I never see him around.

Let’s do dinner or something again asap!

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