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Family Time!

So this past weekend was good family time. Friday after work I drove to downtown LA, met up with Claudia and JoEric, we ate dinner at Clifton’s in downtown and then went to the Jonathan Club for George’s recital. It was off to a rocky start but got better. The kids that played there were great. Of course a large group of the climbers were there, so it was fun hanging out with them!

After that I drove out to Fontana and met up with the family. Basically just got there, chatted some in the hot tub and then went to bed.

Saturday we got up and ate some delicious sausage biscuits and gravy and then headed down to Dana Point for the beach. Good times there, it was COLD and over cast, but Keira loved it! So that’s what matters. From there we drove home and ate smores by the fire and then hot tubbing

Sunday I got up early and went to meet the climbing group. It looked like we were going to ge to climb and then ALL of a sudden it started POURING rain! 🙁 Very annoying. So I drove back to the aunt’s house where she gave us copies of the family cook book which was SO nice of her! 🙂

From there we went to Mission Inn and the weather cleared up for the time we were there which was great! We wondered around and got a great feel of the place. It’s very pretty! Brunch was of course delicious. After that we drove down to Newport Beach where the aunt got stuck in the 91-Express Car pool lane! LOL. Crazy aunt!

Got to the boat and got on and then found out that we weren’t going anywhere because of the high winds! So that was annoying. We ate dinner, danced a little and then left.

Monday and Tuesday were nothing special, Jason and I went out shopping and ended up buying 2 cases of wine at BevMo! Opps! Good thing he paid for it all! lol. Last night Daniel came over and we went to this little park and chatted for a while then I showed him the place in LA that I like going to overlook it, then back to my house where we watched TV and made out. Good times!

Today I was going to bike to work, but after the ride last night I was too sore, so I got Jason to drive me. lol.

I go pick grandma up tomorrow! 🙂

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