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Boys boys BOYS!

Ugh, So I’m already getting very burned out with the whole dating scene.

I’ve had like 5 or 6 dates since really starting to get back into the swing of things. Most of them all turn out to have something that I really don’t like. For instance, one is cute and funny, but he smokes pot (Daniel). A lot of pot! So there goes that one. Another one, also cute and funny and he’s really been out there, seen life, etc. He’s the navy boy that spent the night. BUT he doesn’t really have any ambition in life, doesn’t know what he wants to do, “doesn’t care” about Obama, the prop 8 fight, etc. He’s TRAINED jet engine mechanic but is working as a server in a restaurant. Really? You couldn’t find ANYTHING better after getting out of the Navy?

The other are all ok I guess, but I just don’t know. Where’s the guy who we work together so well. I think part of the problem is that I’ve already built up such a life for myself, an apartment, a rental house, a cat, two cars, and lots of adventures. This is something that’s going to be hard to merge into someone elses life. But I think that it’s possible to do, right? Does this independence scare off people?

I’ve got my stuff that I do, rock climbing, out doors, hiking, biking, etc. But what is it that I look for in someone? I am typically drawn to people who are more artistic. More into the Opera, art galleries, nice nights at wine bars and restaurants.

I want to have a balanced relationship. I think that he should be semi into the things I do, he doesn’t have to want to come out for the week long backpacking trips that I want to do, he doesn’t have to hike 12,000feet of elevation in 24 hours. But he should at least be willing to come out and enjoy a weekend of camping with me, come out and enjoy a day of climbing. Just as I would expect that I don’t have to be drug out to EVERY opera or play in town, but I love having a nice night on the town, see a nice place, go to the art museum, see the classical music at Disney, etc.

Why is this so hard to find? UGH!

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