Midnight @ Work…

It’s Midnight, Sunday. I am at work…. I have been here since 7pm. UGH!

This weekend has been very very fun. Thursday night I went over to Jason’s house and hung out with him and Steve. We ate at Seashore, drank wine and chatted and had a great time. Friday I worked and then did the gym, after that Kris came over and we watched a The Trip and drank some and chatted. He left about 1am and then the 18-year-old came over. We made out on the couch, watched movies and chatted till 5am. No sex. 🙁 He spent the night. Got up at 7am to drive him to work, came home and changed and went kayaking with Kris. We went all the way from RB Pier down to PV. It was a great trip and we got pretty far out!

I got home from that at 2ish, napped for 30 minutes and then showered and went to eat dinner with Sirin and one of her friends. We had an enjoyable time even though I was very very sleepy. Left dinner and Sirin and I went to the CalPhil. Had a really great night there! Again, I was EXHAUSTED, but I enjoyed the music. Rodgers and Hammerstein was the theme for the night. I was dozing off during some of the music, but it was honestly very lovely to doze off to the CalPhil! I could do that every night! Got home from that at midnight and crawled in bed and crashed.

Got up at 5am this morning, came into work, shut down all the servers and then went home and crashed in bed till 10:30! Woot for sleeping in! Got up and cleaned my apartment which was in desperate need of that. Then I met up with Sirin and Kris and we went to see Mamma Mia. Honestly, not as good as I was hoping, but still wonderful! We sang during the parts we knew.

I have been really contemplating buying a DLSR lately. I really want to start taking some better shots of life. I think it’d be fun! Actually, I want to buy a lot of things. A new couch, a gun, a camera, a new TV. If only I were rich!

Ok. The Tech guy is here, I must go… Hopefully I will be in bed by 2am!

Kayaking and iPhones!

This past weekend was very very busy. Friday I went out with Jason at lunch and we made the trek over to the Apple store. The line was insanely long, so we didn’t stay. That night after work I drove by again and it was STILL crazy long. I figured after the first iPhone launch things wouldn’t be near as crazy! Apparently I was wrong because they have been a million times crazier! I got home from work late, went to the gym and then crashed for the night at home.

Saturday I got up early and met up with Kris, we went back to the apple store and waited in line for an hour, then they pushed us all outside and we realized how freaking far back we were, so we just left. Stopped at Ocean Diner and had brunch with Sirin and then we went Kayaking! That was tons of fun! That evening Sirin and I met up with Jess and Tal and had dinner in Pasadena and then I had a date with a Russian to the Cal Phil. That was very very funny. We kept bitching at the woman in front of us who was a total bitch! The concert was great. We drank two bottles of wine!

Got home and no one had called back yet regarding climbing, I dunno what’s up with that. Sunday I got up and went again to the apple store and the line was STILL crazy long, so I went to the office, got some work done, came home washed car, purged tons of shit from my apartment. Found MORE shit that’s Const’s. It’s amazing for as short of time we were together how much SHIT he had at my apartment! I mean we already took a CAR load when we first broke up, now I’m finding all these random little things of his. Ugh! I dunno how I’m going to get it back to him.

That night Kris and I went to Jason’s and we watched Fargo which was a very interesting movie. I also watched Into the wild at some point this weekend. I really liked that one. You should all check it out!

Monday I worked and it was VERY busy. Got a ton of shit done that day. That night I went to Lowes and Costco with Jason, we had a great time then he came over and we sat on the beach, drank some wine, vacuumed my apartment with his Dyson and then watched Man in the Moon which was also very good movie. I was sad when the hot boy died! 🙁

Today has been another crazy day at work and I’m taking a quick break. Had my personal trainer again this morning and that felt good to start the day off like that. I got a blackberry today as well. But it sucks because it’s a 7100i, which is HUGE. We use them here because they are the only ones with the Push-To-Talk which we do with people in Peru and Brazil and what not all the time. Very annoying. I think I will just forward all my calls to that number to the iPhone ONCE I FUCKING GET IT!

It’s very annoying that that thing has been out for 5 days and there are STILL 2-3 hour LINES! REDIC! I cannot belive anyone would wait in lines for that long for a a fucking phone!

This weekend I am supposed to go camping. Cast comes off on Thursday! We shall seeee!


I’m on Twitter! Find me here. Apparently I signed up way back in March of 2007, but never really used it. So now it seems like EVERYONE is using it, so I jumped back on there. It’s very slow though! 🙁

So this weekend was actually TONS of fun! Friday night we threw together a quick dinner party. We had lots of fun. It was Sirin, Kris, Jason, Steve, Ryan, Christian, Christina and of course me! 🙂 I think that Ryan was a little out of place with all the gays! But we enjoyed having the straight man there. We drank wine, talked and watched the video from the Yosemite trip. Most people left by midnight, but Kris and I hung out drinking till 5am! Opps!

Saturday I rolled out of bed around noon and went shopping with Jason. Bought a bunch of new stuff for the job and went to Costco. Got home from that and we ate the rest of the Sloppy Joes and then Sirin and I headed out to the CalPhil. That was LOTS of fun! I really enjoyed it, but I am glad we got the seats we had because I would not want to be any farther back.

Got stuck in a TRAFFIC jam at MIDNIGHT on the way home from that! How can there possibly be a TRAFFIC jam at midnight on SATURDAY! And there was no construction or anything! Just traffic! REDIC!

Went to bed after that and then Sunday I got up and went rock climbing with the group. I just hung out and chatted and had a good time. After that I went up and hung out with this Actor guy for a while. He was nice, but much shorter then I would have imagined! We had a good time, but I got stuck in a 2hr parking zone, so I only stayed for that long. He had invited me to a play that night, but I was all stinky from being out in the sun all morning.

Got home and was suddenly very sad for some reason last night. I just sat on my couch and watched Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants. I cried through most of the movie. WTF is wrong with me!

Things for the Houston trip are coming together well. I have already been invited to 3 parties for July 4th! How exciting! I think though that I will just go to this concert with Sirin’s sister. We shall see. I also have people lined up to hang out with me on all the days that I want to do stuff. So I am excited to be going.

New Job!

4 years and 10 days at after I started here at this company, throwing up on my first few nights, being alone in Califorinia, working midnight to 8am, to being promoted through all the ranks to someone who has done and could easily do nearly every job this company has. I will be leaving my position in just a few short weeks now.

A week ago, I received a call from a company called Gourmet Trading. They had a job for an IT Analyst and wanted me to come in to interview. I figured I’d go in and then just use the job as leverage against my current company when my yearly review came up. Well, amazingly, they offered me the job, at MORE then what I make now, plus it’s more of a management job.

Soooo last Wed, I talked to the VP and let him know that I need a review ASAP. He said he’d talk to the CEO. Well I didn’t realize that he was out of town all week! So Friday afternoon I talked to the CEO and let him know what was going on. He said that he’d think about what he could do over the weekend.

This morning he comes in and the VP and CEO talked for over an hour and then called me in. The CEO basically said. “We think that it’d be best for your career if you just took this new job, there’s not really going to be an opportunity for you to move into management here.” So there it was. My 2 weeks!

Scary! I have been freaking out all fucking weekend about this shit! I am not sure how I feel at all about this. I am so scared to leave my current job, it’s so safe and comfortable! 🙁

Anyways, this weekend I was very busy even with a gimp leg!

Friday night I went out with Sirin and we watched Sex and the City which was TONs of fun! I really enjoyed the movie. After that we drove home like crazy drunk people! It was sooo funny, we had all the windows down, blasting Mika, singing along and going 70 down Artesia/Aviation!! 😀 After we got home, Kris came over and brought a bottle of Crown Royal and Dr Pepper! So we drank all that. He was here till nearly 3:30, we watched a few movies and talked. Had a great time.

Saturday morning I got up and went house shopping with Sirin, we found some REALLY cute places! The one she has an offer in on is uber cute as well. Maybe I will consider moving in with her! Got home from that and took a nap, then went out to the street fair and ate a really late lunch and had a great time. Came home and took some drugs for my foot and napped again! That evening I went out to 1984 (the play) at the Redcat. It was not so good, but I did have lots of fun going.

Got home that night and watched the movie Zerophilia. Which was actually VERY good.. I would suggest watching it.

Sunday I got up at like 10 and just laid around the apartment all day. I was so stressing over this job thing that I really didn’t want to see/talk to anyone. I did however go out to lunch with Erick, so that was fun. I spent the whole day watching Season 1 and 2 of Weeds. Which is just fucking hilarious! I cannot believe I’ve never seen this show before in my life!

Anyways, so with this new job. I will not have any vacation time for the next 90 days. So I decided that I am just going to use the fucking tickets to Houston and go. I’ve already been chatting with some people who sound really cool so I am sure I can find people to hang out with while I am there. I am excited to be going, but it’s going to be hard to NOT call you know who…

WHICH by the way, reminds me. Back in early March, he said that he would add me to his XM so that it would be cheaper for both of us. I told him to just let me know how much I owed him. He said, “Don’t worry, it’s my gift to you.” Well I just got a letter in the mail saying that it went to collections! Little fucking asshole.

Yosemite National Park!

My legs…. HURT!

I’ve been in Yosemite park since Wed and I have had so much FUN! That place is just gorgeous! I wish that I could spend months there camping and hiking through the back country and just sitting on the rocks overlooking a waterfall and reflecting on life. There were many times when the beauty of that place brought a tear to my eyes.

Wed night Christian came over and brought all his shit, we hung out that night and finished getting the group stuff ready and had a few drinks. Got up Thursday morning and picked up the rental truck and then everyone showed up at my place around 9. We loaded up and headed out. The drive there was pretty easy really, we only stopped once, but got LOST in the town that we were in and could NOT find the way back to the freeway! Once we got into the park I was so excited to just get there. I love flying around all those curvy roads, the people in the back seat though were getting sick. Opps! We got into the park about 3:30ish and quickly unpacked and then did a quick 2 mile hike up to Mirror lake. I fell in. 🙁

Friday morning we got up early and cooked breakfast. We were going to do the Panorama Trail so went up to the lodge to get tickets on the shuttle bus but they were all sold out till 1:30pm! Decided not to do that and went on the Upper Yosemite Falls trail instead. The sign said it was only 3.2 miles, so we figured it’d be pretty easy, little did we know that in those 3.2 miles you gained 3,000 feet in elevation! It was very hard for most of the group. Half of them turned around about half way to the top. Even I had lots of problems the last 3/4 mile. Between the steepness of the trail and the elevation I could hardly breathe! But it was really worth all the work to get to the top and see this amazing waterfall just flying over the edge of the cliffs. We hiked a little bit past there, then stopped at the river bed and filled up our water bottles for the hike down.

Got back from that and made dinner then a few of us went to a talk given by Ron Kauk where he showed Return to Balance: A Climbers Journey which had some amazing shots of him climbing and of Yosemite in general. It was really neat to see. I talked to him after and got some pointers for my next trip up to Yosemite where I could do some easier climbing. After that I had to run to the Village to do some work and then back to the campsite for bed.

Saturday morning we got up VERY early because our bus for Glacier Point left at 8:30am! We got everyone up and breakfast cooked and on the road just in time! The bus driver was really funny and was telling stories the whole way up there. We got there and looked around a little bit and then started our hike down Panorama Trail. This one ended up being around 10 miles total and 5,100 descend and about 1,900 ascending. We got to see some amazing views of the falls throughout the park. Some of which were Illilouette Fall, Nevada Fall, Vernal Fall and ended along the VERY steep but wonderful Mist Trail.

Part of the group turned back once we hit the mist trail. Which was probably a mistake, because they then had a 4 mile hike ahead of them, instead of just the 3 very steep miles that we had. The Mist trail was just amazing though! We got back an hour before the rest of them did. That night Nick and I headed up to Tuolumne Meadows to watch the sunset… The meadows are at 8,600 feet above sea level, it was 41 degrees when we got there and there was still pockets of snow! But we were crazy and went SWIMMING in the river! 🙂 Ok, I was in the water for about 1.5 seconds before I jumped out screaming like a little girl. Nick was more manly and was in for about 4 seconds total! It was wonderfully refreshing though after the long day of hiking we had. We spent a few hours in the meadows and really enjoyed the sunset. It was just amazing.

Got back to camp late that night and we all sat around drinking and talking and having a great time… Got up about 7 on Sunday morning and Sirin made breakfast for everyone which was delicious. Packed up camp and we were out of there by 10am! Got back to LA around 3:30 and unpacked.

It was so wonderful being up there, sleeping out under the stars and just hiking and enjoying nature. I cried a little bit as we left, and then again as we were coming over the pass into LA and seeing all the smog and the cars again. I hate smog and cars. I just want to sleep under the stars and enjoy nature!

All the photos are available here. And you can view our google earth tracks/photos here.