New Job!

4 years and 10 days at after I started here at this company, throwing up on my first few nights, being alone in Califorinia, working midnight to 8am, to being promoted through all the ranks to someone who has done and could easily do nearly every job this company has. I will be leaving my position in just a few short weeks now.

A week ago, I received a call from a company called Gourmet Trading. They had a job for an IT Analyst and wanted me to come in to interview. I figured I’d go in and then just use the job as leverage against my current company when my yearly review came up. Well, amazingly, they offered me the job, at MORE then what I make now, plus it’s more of a management job.

Soooo last Wed, I talked to the VP and let him know that I need a review ASAP. He said he’d talk to the CEO. Well I didn’t realize that he was out of town all week! So Friday afternoon I talked to the CEO and let him know what was going on. He said that he’d think about what he could do over the weekend.

This morning he comes in and the VP and CEO talked for over an hour and then called me in. The CEO basically said. “We think that it’d be best for your career if you just took this new job, there’s not really going to be an opportunity for you to move into management here.” So there it was. My 2 weeks!

Scary! I have been freaking out all fucking weekend about this shit! I am not sure how I feel at all about this. I am so scared to leave my current job, it’s so safe and comfortable! 🙁

Anyways, this weekend I was very busy even with a gimp leg!

Friday night I went out with Sirin and we watched Sex and the City which was TONs of fun! I really enjoyed the movie. After that we drove home like crazy drunk people! It was sooo funny, we had all the windows down, blasting Mika, singing along and going 70 down Artesia/Aviation!! 😀 After we got home, Kris came over and brought a bottle of Crown Royal and Dr Pepper! So we drank all that. He was here till nearly 3:30, we watched a few movies and talked. Had a great time.

Saturday morning I got up and went house shopping with Sirin, we found some REALLY cute places! The one she has an offer in on is uber cute as well. Maybe I will consider moving in with her! Got home from that and took a nap, then went out to the street fair and ate a really late lunch and had a great time. Came home and took some drugs for my foot and napped again! That evening I went out to 1984 (the play) at the Redcat. It was not so good, but I did have lots of fun going.

Got home that night and watched the movie Zerophilia. Which was actually VERY good.. I would suggest watching it.

Sunday I got up at like 10 and just laid around the apartment all day. I was so stressing over this job thing that I really didn’t want to see/talk to anyone. I did however go out to lunch with Erick, so that was fun. I spent the whole day watching Season 1 and 2 of Weeds. Which is just fucking hilarious! I cannot believe I’ve never seen this show before in my life!

Anyways, so with this new job. I will not have any vacation time for the next 90 days. So I decided that I am just going to use the fucking tickets to Houston and go. I’ve already been chatting with some people who sound really cool so I am sure I can find people to hang out with while I am there. I am excited to be going, but it’s going to be hard to NOT call you know who…

WHICH by the way, reminds me. Back in early March, he said that he would add me to his XM so that it would be cheaper for both of us. I told him to just let me know how much I owed him. He said, “Don’t worry, it’s my gift to you.” Well I just got a letter in the mail saying that it went to collections! Little fucking asshole.

2 thoughts on “New Job!”

  1. Grats on the new job!

    Weeds is great! The tv show is also pretty good! haha 😉 Actually I haven’t tried weed.. so I wouldn’t know.

  2. Haha. Thanks! I am excited and yet VERY scared to start it!

    I think it’d be fun to watch weeds while on weeds! 🙂 I have only done it twice and it was fun both times, but not something I would get into all the time!

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