VA Paperwork!

So I heard from my dad yesterday afternoon. I don’t recall if I mentioned it, but nearly three weeks ago we put an offer in on a house owned by the VA. We put the offer in the DAY the house became available (after months of watching it sit there empty, waiting for them to put a price on it). Then we were told they were taking bids for the whole week.

Then we were told that they haven’t opened the bids and won’t until a week after the bidding ends. NOW we find out there’s all this paper work we have to do. I guess the Realtor filled it out and my dad is going to sign it today. lol. What a mess.

Anyways, last night Erick and Sirin stopped over while I was planning the Europe trip and they drank wine and chatted while I did that. It’s coming along great. You can see our Prague and Vienna itinerary here. I have only planned up to the 21st so far. Hopefully Thursday I will planning the 22-25. One week till we leave LA!!! How exciting is that!

Last night Consty went to some business party. When he first mentioned it over the weekend, I kinda thought maybe he was hinting at inviting me, but I guess not cause I didn’t go. Would have been fun to meet him work people after hearing so much about them all. Either way, it sounded like he had fun.

Tonight I am hoping to go and buy new glasses! 🙂 Yay! I am debating about buying some sunglasses as well.

I’m also in the process of cleaning/organizing my apartment for the time that Brian is there to watch my cats while in Europe. I’ve been going a bit crazy though and cleaning out drawers and cabinets!

Nothing much else going on. Adios!

LACMA Dali and Petersen Automotive Museum

Another good weekend.

Friday night Constantine, Sirin, Chris and I all went out to Nunsense at the Torrance Theater. Sirin wanted to see Constantine’s new car, so we rode in it. It’s a really nice car, but still…. I will admit I’m a very jealous of it now.

Anyways, we also went out to this really yummy restaurant called Bluewater Grill. I had the prime rib, which was very yummy!

Came home after that and went to bed.

Saturday we got up and drove up to LA to see the Dali Exhibit at LACMA. It was a really good exhibit. Who knew that Dali did a movie with Disney?!?! Crazy stuff! I hated all the people there though.

After that we walked across the street to the Petersen Automotive Museum. I’ve been wanting to go to that for a while and it was nice, but not exactly what I was expecting. Way too many ghetto modified cars and not enough historic cars if you ask me. But it was still good to finally get to go. Walked up the street to the farmers market and ate lunch/dinner and then drove home.

We watched Chicken Run and made some of this crazy infused Vodka stuff! It’s gonna be delish! 🙂

Sunday we got up and went shopping for a while, then went and I got an eye exam, going to be getting new glasses hopefully before we leave for Europe! Came home from that and went for a walk on the beach and then took a nap before the Sunday night dinner.

Met up with Sirin, Jason and Steve about 7:30 and had dinner at Sirin’s place. She made some REALLY good food! 🙂

Today/Tonight I must finish the planning of Vienna, start packing, and do a bunch of other stuff.

OH! Friday I also officially created our LLC! 🙂 Yay! Fucking expensive though! :'(

Photos from the weekend are here.

Halloween Night

So Wed night I went out to West Hollywood for all the crazyness that was going on there. I was in a pretty annoyed mood about a lot of different stuff which I’ll go into later.

Const and I got to Steve’s place about 5 and then we had to wait around for him to get there. We (including Jason) walked over to Trader Joe’s and bought some stuff.

Steve finally showed up after a long time of us thinking he was dead. And then the crazyness started. They were having a party at the house and lots of people were there all dressed up crazy and what not.

Headed down the street to the huge fair. It was SOO packed you had to shove your way through. I have NEVER seen that many people in one place! Insanity. We walked around and took pics. Not the best night ever, but it was alright considering how pissy I was.

West Hollywood Halloween 2007 pics are here.

Sooo, about the reason I was so pissy…. Monday, Constantine bought a new Infinity G35 car. He’s been talking about it since I met him. I’ve always thought he was just joking cause he keeps saying he’s going too and then he says, “I’ll wait till my car gets to 100,000 miles” or “I’ll wait another year” or something like that. So I didn’t think he’d randomly go out and buy one on what seems like a whim.

I know it shouldn’t bother me. We’ve only been dating about 3 months now, it’s not my money, it’s his. The right thing to do would have been to just act happy and congratulate him about his purchase. However, as we all know, I don’t hide my emotions very well. As Jason says, I’m as easy to read as a children’s book. So he of course knew I was unhappy. Wed on the way to Steve’s he brought it up and we got into an argument over it.

Honestly, I’m over-reacting a lot. There was just so much going between that and some other stuff at the office and in my personal life that I just couldn’t let it go.

I have these very high expectations for my life and my future partner’s life. I want to eventually own a Maserati. I want to have a nice life, with a condo in Europe and a cottage in Montana and the house we live in day-to-day. I want to be able to pay for Kiera’s college, I want to be partially retired by the time I’m 40. And at this point in my life, I don’t think that spending $33k on a car is really needed, or a very wise financial thing to do.

Between now and next year (when he would have purchased the same car), it will cost him about $10,000 extra. In additional payments, insurance, gas, maint etc over the life of the car. To me, that’s not just $10,000 that’s $33,000 over 15 years, or over the next 50 years that’s $538,782!! Without making an additional contributions.

Honestly, if he had waited a year, I would have felt better about it, I would have voiced my opinion more. Or if he had just bought one that was a year or two old now that would have been fine as well.

I want to eventually lead a nice life and be able to buy a nice car without even having to think about it. But like I said, at this point I don’t think it’s the thing to do.

So anyways, I was annoyed about that, we got into it about that. Then during the party we are standing outside waiting for Jason and Steve to come out. I’m trying to lighten things up and I just say. “Hey, What’s up?”. It’s something I’ve been doing since the day I met him. I always do it jokingly and as a cute little thing. I thought between us it was one of those little couply cute things. But then replies with “Don’t say that to me, I don’t like it”. Which was just like punching me in the chest. Seriously, if he didn’t like it he should have said something about it 3 months ago and told me to stop.

AND to make the night even worse, I had bought him a present, this really cute white shirt. So I buy it and have the lady wrap it up and everything. When I gave it to him wed night, there’s this huge yellow stain on the sleeve! UGH!

Things appear better now, he came over last night and everything was good. However, I’m still going to be a little upset every time we talk about the car, ride in the car, etc. It’ll take me a little bit to get over it. Not just about buying the car, if we hadn’t gotten into it, I’m sure it’d be fine by this weekend, but now it’s going to be on my mind as our first fight for as long as we are together.

Yesterday, I bought our train tickets for Europe and I accidentally purchased return tickets from Vienna to Prague on 11/27. Our flight back to the US is on 11/26! Opps! We’ll have to figure that out, hopefully I can change the date on the tickets.


The other day I was stumbling and found this thing called “Flash Earth“. Basically it takes all the different satellite sources out there and merges them into one. So I looked up the area behind my parents house… Yahoo has the oldest maps, back before they started building that giant horrible golf course. Then check out Google. It’s so sad that they took all the wonderful farm/forest land and turned it into hundreds of ugly cookie-cutter houses.

Along the lines of maps. I found a Google Blog post about the wildfires here in Southern California. The Maps offer a really neat look at there areas that have burned, evacuation data, etc.

As you all know, my trip to Europe is coming up quick, and we all know I love taking pictures. However, I _HATE_ having people in them. A while back I found this neat way to do it in photoshop, but it was very manually intensive. The other day I found a site called “Tourist Remover which does it for you! I can’t wait to get back from Europe and try it out!

I’m sure you’ve all heard it already, but Dumbledore is GAY!. It’s amazing what the right wing is doing about this. Get over it people, it’s a FICTIONAL person! My god, who cares!

I was also reading the other day about how some woman’s husband was riding in a porsche going over 100mph that slammed into a concrete wall… She sued of course and won 4.5 Million!. Just redic. The guy even signed a waiver! He voluntarily participated in a dangerous event, he KNEW the risks when he started! WTF was this woman thinking. And she’s just putting even MORE grief on the family of the driver who also died because they are paying 49% of that 4.5 million! UGH!

This story also reminds me of another article I read in which a woman was $135,000 in CC debt, spent $400 a month on Starbucks, had 3 cars and SIX kids! I just don’t see how people get into this kind of mess! How can you be so freaking stupid and live like that? I currently have $1,400 in CC debit, of which I could EASILY pay that ALL off in just a couple days… But it still freaks me out that I even have any money on my CC!

The other night Constantine and I watched Mrs Henderson Presents. It was a very interesting movie! I thought it was very funny. I highly suggest going to watch it.

Last night I had my meeting with the Admissions Counselor at the CSU Long Beach for an MBA. Anyways, it seems like I should be able to get in with no problems as long as I do well on my GMAT. The only issue is that I’m not sure I want to be in Cali long enough to get it. Because we’re looking at starting NEXT fall and then a min of 2 years after that. Perhaps I should just stick it out, do my MBA here, then as soon as I am done I will look for a new job and move. Because I am sure that my current company won’t have any use for my MBA nor will they be able to pay me enough to support it. We shall see. I am going to work on filling out the paper work today, I bought a prep book for my GMAT so must start on that. My goal is to take it in early Feb. Filing deadlines is March 30th!

Tonight I will be cleaning my apartment, then tomorrow we are having “Ghetto” dinner party! I can’t wait!


25 MPH Gusting to 35!! Crazy WINDS!

Soooo, Friday we had some CRAZY fucking winds. I mean 25 mph alllll day long, gusting to 35. Redic! You couldn’t hardly walk. The beach was going crazy! Waves SOOO big! IT was even foaming and stuff!

Constantine came over and we got some pics and stuff which are here. We also took some video with his nice camera, but don’t have the cable to transfer it. I’ll post that once it’s up.

From there we headed out to dinner. Went to this new place down the street. We get there at 6:45 and I ask our waitress if it’s still Happy hour because outside I could have swore the sign said “Happy hour 5-7”. But the menus said “5-6”. She said “No”. So I went outside to check and the sign DID say 5-7!!! Liar! It was pretty good food though overall.

Came back to my place after that and I think we just hung out here. I can’t remember for sure! It’s been a busy weekend!

Got up Saturday and headed up to H&M at the beverly center. Met up with Charles Phoenix there to pick up the video of him on The Martha Stewart Show. Also bought lots of cute clothes for our Europe trip! Headed back to my place after that, but Jason called and asked if we wanted to go flying. So we did that. Tons of fun! It was a wonderful day! Got back to my place and watched North Country. It was a really sad movie! But very good.

Jason picked us up after that and we went over to his place and had tacos and lots of drinks and played cards and had a jolly old time! Probably one of the best dinner parties I’ve ever been too. The card games were tons of fun!

Sunday Constantine and I got up and he left cause he needed to do his Photo project. So I lounged around the house. I found a Camry Hybrid online for sale, so I called about it. It was the same place as a car I had called about on Friday and the guy was a total ass about it. I was like, why should I drive an hour and a half if you arent’ willing to negotiate with me on the phone. Anyways, the guy was super nice on Sunday when I called, so Jason, Steve and I headed up there. Long story short. The guy was a total ass in person too. So we left. I was uber pissed after that. Stopped at the In & Out by the airport and watched planes for a while. Headed home after that.

[private]I have to admit that I was a little annoyed that night with Constantine. I found out that he went out climbing and movie watching with his friends. And he knows how much I’ve been wanting to meet them, so that he didn’t call and invite me to go with me hurt a little… So I didn’t get to sleep till 11 cause I was annoyed about it. [/private]

Overall it was an excellent weekend!!!!