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  • I Don’t Wanna!!!

    I’ve decided that I don’t want to graduate yet! It’s to damn early people, you can’t make me! I swear! Ever since my graduation year started, I keep getting bombarded with fun sounding things that I REALLY want to do. Today a guy came and talked to our MGMT 370 class about a 20 day […]

  • I Have A Stalker!!

    Hello to my new stalker.. How fun is that! Anyways, yesterday was really good. The night before Andrew and I had a nice long chat and I felt better about things. We also got to talk a lot online yesterday, so that was good. Classes and work, that’s about all there was. In my work […]

  • Feb 27, 2001

    So Roommates suck, VB sucks, Accouting is cool (only cause they cancelled Class today), Dr. Laura should be shot. the boy scouts are nuts. My parents are annoying. Bennett is nuts. and “group” projects suck. just so we are all clear on that. k, now to explain, it’s 5:17 and my roomie is still fucking […]