I Don’t Wanna!!!

I’ve decided that I don’t want to graduate yet! It’s to damn early people, you can’t make me! I swear!

Ever since my graduation year started, I keep getting bombarded with fun sounding things that I REALLY want to do. Today a guy came and talked to our MGMT 370 class about a 20 day trip to Europe.

You get to visit London, Paris, Zurich, Vienne, Salzburg, and Munich…. It sounds SO MUCH FUN! I really want to go, plus it’s worth 3 credits of Marketing! How cool is that… And I REALLY WANT TO GO !!!!! ::whines:: I’ve also decided that I really want go to Italy for a semester abroad. Of course, non of this is going to get to happen. :'( Fuckers waiting tell my last year to let me know about all the cool shit that’s going on!

Anyways, other then that, not much going on around here. I’ve opened a Principal checking/saving account. Which I thought at first would be really cool. That way I can bank online, and free bill pay and tons of other cool things, but then I was talking to my aunt and cousin about it, and apprenty if my other aunt, who works at principal, finds out about my account, she’ll be checking it and seeing what I’m doing. What a whore face bitch. Isn’t there a law against that!

I guess we’ll have to see about it. Plus the online bill pay, and the $50 they gave me to sign up was worth the troubles I think. Wells-Fargo charges you like $6 pr $7 a month for online bill pay. Bastards.

So… Question?

Why are there not ANY pencil sharpeners in classrooms anymore. I get to my test this morning, which by the way sucked, and found out that all my pencils were broken, I had to go through 4, that’s right FOUR! classrooms before just giving up and going to the office to get them sharpened. Bastards.

Well I’m out.
Laters all.

I Have A Stalker!!

Hello to my new stalker.. How fun is that!

Anyways, yesterday was really good. The night before Andrew and I had a nice long chat and I felt better about things. We also got to talk a lot online yesterday, so that was good.

Classes and work, that’s about all there was. In my work out class we had to team up with someone, and I’m teaming with this boy, Justin. I think that’s his name. He seems pretty nice, though really shy. Much like myself.

We’re both really big whimps too, we can only lift the bar. So it’s good that we both have about the same level. I guess. He’s a Comp E major (Freshman though). So at least we both have something to talk about. That class should be good. And if I keep up with my working out. All should be good and I should be hot! HOt! HOT!

(I really hate this keyboard, the shift key and many other random keys stick!)

Last night I didn’t really do much. I talked to my stalker online, and that was amusing. I had just gotten online to get a reference for a job app. But Andrew and stalker were online, so I spent an hour talking to both. Good times there.

After that I broke, went and turned in my app. Made copies at work, and then went to Lowes to get nails.

I hung up all the pics that I took down before Andrew left. And this time I actually put them in frames, and HUNG them on the wall, instead of just taping them to the wall. They’re very cute if I do say so myself. Though I can’t look at them too long, or I’ll start crying.

I have finally gotten to the point that I can look at the trip pics without crying though, so that’s good. (But I think I mentioned that a few days ago).

Called Andrew real quick to say night, and he was at some b-day party. Very amusing. Though that got me to thinking, and then it made me sad, because I know that on my bday I’ll probably be spending it alone, and it’s my 22nd b-day. Sad. I’m getting OLD! I’m going to need moral support!

Today I woke up at like 6:15, but didn’t have to be up tell 6:45, so I just laid in bed. Eventually got up and showered, etc. And caught the 7am bus to campus. Got here, and went to my first class. That was alright.

Forrest is in it, and as we were picking groups today, I was standing with the Italy group, cause I thought that would be a fun country to pick, then Forrest grabs me and is like, “Hey, we’re doing Europe in General, want to be in our group.” So I was like, “Sure”. So now we’re going to do Norway for our project! Good times.

After that I went to Pol Sci. That class was alright, we just watched a movie, so nothing to interesting.

We got out early, so that was good. Though now I have an UBER long time before my next class starts. Though I think I’ll break here soon and go tan, or something. I have work out clothes, but I Think that I’ll do that after my TransLog Class and before my Intro to Managemtne class.

Hopefully I’ll get a chance to talk to Andrew tonight. If not, I’ll give him a quick call before I go to bed. I hope that he doesn’t mind my calling!

Tonight’s the Alliance Ice Cream Social. I do beleive I’ll go, though I don’t really want to go alone. Always very embarrasing.

So we were 1 hour into my MGMT 414 class, and some guy walks into class, and walks all the way to the front of the room to sit down… He gets up there, starts to look at the board and then asks the professor. “Where am I?” The Prof then goes…”You’re in the middle of a class, please leave.” VERY FUNNY!

Oh, and for my MGMT 370 class we have a book report, and well the list that she gave us… Almost EVERY book that’s on there is on my amazon.com wishlist. Very amusing! (Which means that it’s a book I’ve been wanting to read) I was thinking that it was all going to be stupid books, but they are all cool books. I’m very excited for this. The reports due Nov 11, so I think that I should get started on reading the book. Good times.

Anyways, I have to go write a private and then break for class. Laters!

Feb 27, 2001

So Roommates suck, VB sucks, Accouting is cool (only

cause they cancelled Class today), Dr. Laura should be shot. the boy scouts

are nuts. My parents are annoying. Bennett is nuts. and “group”

projects suck. just so we are all clear on that. k, now to explain, it’s 5:17

and my roomie is still fucking in bed, how annoying is that. VB sucks cause

we never learn anything new in it, today we went over reading and writing

to files, something that i have known how to do forever. and he argued with

me on how to store a birthdate, i said you should store it in julian days

and he insisted on storing it in a string format, everyone knows that you

should store dates in julian days, it’s just esier that way, damnit. lol.

and even julian agrees with me. lol. damnit. Dr Laura talked at some republican

convention this morning and made a complete ass of her self and she spouted

off more of her garbage about gays being biological errors and such, stupid

bitch, sometimes i listen to her show when i’m in my car and within like 5

minutes i’m fuckig SCREAMING at the radio, i can’t beleive people actually

listen to her advice, My PU’s listen to it all the time, scary. And the other

day i got an invitation to work over seas this summer, you know that;s just

nuts cause they are fucking sending me this shit. and stuff but ya know if

they knew the REAL me they would kick me out, pronto. bastards. Why am i now

so popular that everyone wants me. Right now two councils are in a bidding

war to get me to come work for them, granted a bidding war in the scouts isn’t

much, i’ll maybe top out at $5.00 an hour. but that would be pretty good.

And now this, they want me to go over seas and work, it’s a thing only about

500 scouts a year get to do, they go to like the UK and all over europe and

such, it’s really cool, but i don’t think i would want to do it. i don’t know

i’ll have to think it over. My Pu’s are annoying cause they can never plan

things ahead of time, and get on top of things, it’s like damnit get yo ass

in gear. I’ve bitched about that before so i won’t now. and bennett isnuts

cause he wants me to come in on Thursday night next week to reinstall the

server. it’s like that’s going to take me all night to get it done. and during

the school week? he want’s to do it DURING the school week, now that’s just

nuts, he used to not even let me reboot during the school week. o well. i guess he *really* wants this done. i’ll have to get a phone number there though

so people can call me. and group projects suck because we were put in these

groups for a programming assingment and since i’m the only one that knows

what i’m doing i ended up doing all most all of th programming, i tired to

make them do some of it but i got annoyed with haveing to tell them every

little thing to type and such and said damnit, it’ll be faster if i just type

so i started typing and they weren’t helping any so i just brought it back

here and finished it, it wasn’t to hard took maybe like 30 minutes, but yeah,

it was annoying, stupid people. i don’t see how you can’t understand VB, a

fucking 2 year-old could do it. And the stuff i was doing in thie program

was fucking easier then shit. ARG. i miss danny, it’s amazing i haven’t talked

to him since sunday morning (about 12:30) so almost three days, but i miss

him so much, i miss hearing his voice i miss just talking to him. i wish sometime

we could just like sit down and talk for hours on the phone. we were going

to do that sunday night, cause i had called him, and was like i don’t care

what my PU’s think. but his PU’s called him away somewhere, hope he didn’t

get in trouble. i really do. i miss him.