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Happy Sys Admin Day!

Getting the most from your IT department

1. When you call us to have your computer moved or fixed, be sure to leave it buried under half a ton of postcards, baby pictures, stuffed animals, dried flowers, bowling trophies and children’s art. We don’t have a life, and we find it deeply moving to catch a fleeting glimpse of yours.

2. Don’t write anything down. Ever. We can play back the error messages from here.

3. When an IT person says he’s coming right over, go for coffee. That way you won’t be there when we need your password. It’s nothing for us to remember 300 user passwords.

4. When you call the help desk, state what you want, not what’s keeping you from getting it. We don’t need to know that you can’t get into your mail because your computer won’t power on at all.

6. When IT support sends you an e-mail with high importance, delete it at once. We’re just testing.

7. When an IT person is eating lunch at his desk, walk right in and spill your guts right out. We exist only to serve.

8. Send urgent email all in uppercase. The mail server picks it up and flags it as a rush delivery.

9. When the photocopier doesn’t work, call computer support. There’s electronics in it. Ditto for the microwave, timeclock, and coffee maker. Hell, if it plugs in, we’re probably in charge of it anyway.

10. When you’re getting a NO DIAL TONE message at home, call computer support. We can fix your telephone line from here.

11. When you have a dozen old computer screens to get rid of, call computer support. We’re collectors.

12. When something’s wrong with your home PC, dump it on an IT person’s chair with no name, no phone number and no description of the problem. We love a puzzle.

13. When an IT person tells you that computer screens don’t have cartridges in them, argue. We love a good argument.

14. When an IT person tells you that he’ll be there shortly, reply in a scathing tone of voice: “And just how many weeks do you mean by shortly?”. That motivates us.

15. When the printer won’t print, re-send the job at least 20 times. Print jobs frequently get sucked into black holes.

16. When the printer still won’t print after 20 tries, send the job to all 68 printers in the company. One of them is bound to work.

17. Don’t learn the proper name for anything technical. We know exactly what you mean by “my thingy blew up”.

18. Don’t use on-line help. On-line help is for wimps.

19. If the mouse cable keeps knocking down the framed picture of your dog, lift the computer and stuff the cable under it. Mouse cables were designed to have 40lb of computer sitting on top of them.

20. If the space bar on your keyboard doesn’t work, blame it on the mail upgrade. Keyboards are actually very happy with half a pound of muffin crumbs and nail clippings in them.

21. When you get a message saying “Are you sure?” click on that Yes button as fast as you can. Hell, if you weren’t sure, you wouldn’t be doing it, would you?

22. When you find an IT person on the phone with his bank, sit uninvited on the corner of his desk and stare at him until he hangs up. We don’t have any money to speak of anyway.

23. Feel perfectly free to say things like “I don’t know nothing about that computer crap”. We don’t mind at all hearing our area of professional expertise referred to as crap.

24. When you need to change the toner cartridge in a printer, call IT support. Changing a toner cartridge is an extremely complex task, and Hewlett-Packard recommends that it be performed only by a professional engineer with a master’s degree in nuclear physics.

25. When you can’t find someone in the government directory, call IT Support.

26. When you have a lock to pick on an old file cabinet, call IT Support. We love to hack.

27. When something’s the matter with your computer, ask your secretary to call the help desk. We enjoy the challenge of having to deal with a third party who doesn’t know anything about the problem.

28. When you receive a 50MB movie file, send it to everyone as a mail attachment. We’ve got lots of disk space on that mail server.

29. Don’t even think of breaking large print jobs down into smaller chunks. Somebody else might get a chance to squeeze a memo into the queue.

30. When an IT person gets on the elevator pushing $100,000 worth of computer equipment on a cart, ask in a very loud voice: “Good grief, you take the elevator to go DOWN one floor?!?” That’s another one that cracks us up no end.

31. When you lose your car keys or go to lunch, send an email to the entire company. People down in Las Vegas like to keep abreast of what’s going on.

32. When you bump into an IT person at the grocery store on a Saturday, ask a computer question. We do weekends.

33. Don’t bother to tell us when you move computers around on your own. Computer names are just a cosmetic feature.

34. When you bring your own personal home PC for repair at the office, leave the documentation at home. We’ll find all the settings and drivers somewhere.

35. In no way do we believe that end-users are ungrateful. It hurts our feelings that one could even think such a thing on the basis of the above statements. In truth we wish to express our deepest gratitude to the hundreds of wonderful end-users portrayed herein, without whom none of this would have been remotely possible.

We truly love you, end-users, you spice up our lives no end.

Happy System Admin Day!

So what did everyone get me?!?!

Around The Globe

A Day In New York

Well yesterday was very fun. We spent the day in New York City. So much excitement there.

Though it really wasn’t at all what I was expecting. WE got up about 8 and got ready and drove into the city with Sue and John, got there about 10ish and went to Sue’s office. That was fairly interesting. After that we walked out of the office and towards Central Park. Sue showed us where to go and we headed into the park. That was really cool. I was very amazed at how there could be such a huge park in the middle of such a big city!

I was also very amazed at how many people there were in the park running and such. Very interesting. We headed towards the Central Park Zoo and had a good time there it wasn’t as big as I thought it would be, but it had all the major animals that make a zoo, so I guess it counts. So that was fun.

After the zoo we headed back into the park and found this REALLY cool area, where we both declared it would be a great place to hold a wedding. It was so pretty! We sat there and had a hot dog and pop. After that we headed back towards Central Park West and 77th to the Museum of Natural History. We got there and the line was REALLY long. So we stood in it and there was this Indian woman that kept staring at us. Very annoying. We finally got through the line, it cost me only $9 to get in, so that wasn’t too bad.. $3 less then normal admission.

We got in there and walked around forever! It was really really cool, but again, I wasn’t in the mood to sit and read everything. Museums that big need to be a two or three day thing. I really do think so. Again, it was a really cool museum, but about half way through my feet really stated to hurt, so I sat down for a bit. After that they felt better, but we just breezed through the rest of the place. Good times though.

Headed out of there about 3:30 and towards 5th (back through the park again) and then took 5th from 77th down to about 42nd. We stopped in all the crazy expensive shops. It’s so insane that in some of them it’s like $200 or $300 for a fucking t-shirt. Very annoying. And some of the suits were like $1800, and all they were were plain black two button suits. Crazyness. And of course everyone in the stores was UBER bitchy. It’s like, HELLO, why would anyone shop here, people are far too bitchy.

Kept walking and we ran into these people that we’re like, What are you guys following us it was very weird because we had no idea who they were and they were just like randomly talking too us. They claimed to have seen us in the museum and the zoo, then again where we were. Very scary. We crossed the street to avoid them.

The Gap store was closed, the only store that we could afford and it was closed, How sad is that! Grrr.

Anyways, kept walking to 42nd and then took that down to 7th, where times square is. That was really cool to see, I took a panoramic picture of it and hopefully it’ll turn out well.

We shopped a bit more after that, and then headed down 7th where there was this HUGE street fair. Very cool times. We were a bit pressed for time by then, so we didn’t hang out there too much. After that we kinda headed over to 8th and walked down it a bit, Found more porn stores in like a 2 block area then we have in all of Iowa. Very insane! But since we didn’t have time we didn’t go into any of them, very sad!

Once we found 33rd street we looked for the train station, because it was about 6:30 by then. Found what I thought was it, but since it didn’t say Penn Station on it, we didn’t know if that was right, so we walked across the street to Macy’s and asked. It was indeed Penn Station, so we walked down there and couldn’t figure out the trains, so we had to ask this crazy woman. She was very helpful though and we figured it all out.

The little display that had the info on it as to where our train was coming it at (Tracks 1-12, but who knew which track it would be on) didn’t have the track number on it, at about 6:50 it FINALLY got the number on it and everyone that was standing around stated RUNNING like mad men to the train. So Andrew and I were like, we better run too. So we ran through all the people and got to the door for track 12, and found out that all those people were actually running to somewhere else (I’m guessing track 13-21 since they were in the same area). So we got on the train and just picked the first door that we came too, went in and sat down.

My god was that a BAD idea. It was so fucking hot in there, and since we had never been on these trains before we had no idea if it was supposed to have been that hot or not. So we sat there for a while and everyone that came in was like, OMG, it’s HOT

Eventually someone said that it was cooler in the other cars, so we went and sat in the one behind us.

It was very scary sitting on that train though tell it left the station because we had no idea if we were actually on the right train or not. But once the train stated moving they said that it was going to the place that we needed to go to. So that’s good.

The train ride was all right. I tried to sleep, but really couldn’t.

Got home and it was late, we laid around in bed for a bit, then went down and got cheesecake, then came back upstairs and Andrew gave me a message. That was VERY nice 😉

Today we didn’t get out of bed tell like 11, and haven’t done much since. His grandma came over and she was funny. But she didn’t stay long.

Anyways, I’m out, Laters all!

My Life

Are You Together??

What a busy weekend. That really about sums it up!

But you all know that it won’t stop there… Here you’re about to ender a very detailed account of what happened on my weekend in the crazystates.

Friday was fairly normal. It all started out meeting up with Andrew at work. We had originally planned on meeting there because we were to head out to the State Soccer tourny. Thursday though our plans changed and decided not to go. So from his office we went off to his house to get food, since we are both uber poor and can’t afford to eat out anymore. We get to his house and talk to his mom some about thing, and make supper. Pasta and Italian Dressing. So good! It’s such a simple meal, and it’s refreshing, and always tastes great! We made that, all whilst his mother was bitching at us about leaving, so that she and john could have the house to themselves. But right after she said that the door bell rung, and some woman and her husband came in. It was Kurtis, the weather guy from KCCI, and his wife. Who BTW is a stupid whore bitch. Even Sue said she didn’t like her. They walked around the house, and apparently had come to get paint from Sue, which they did and then stood around and talked to them forever. Itw as very wierd, and I veto the woman. I can’t stress enough how much of a stupid whore slut she is. It was funny to hear Sue make fun of her though! lol. After they left, Andrew and I finished our meal and Sue and John made out in the kitchen, so we departed with Andrew’s sister in tow. She was herself looking like a slut, and when she was on her cell phone saying that she was going to change once she got to the place we were going, Andrew said the whitty thing of “What did she bring LESS??” It was so amusing!

So we dropped the girl off and went to VWM. I hadn’t been there in forever! I mean like REALLY FOREVER. And of course, everyting was still the same-o, same-o. Nothing new really. Although I contemplated buying some shorts from Structure, because they were only $15 and they look uber cute on Andrew. I tried them on and they didn’t look so good, so I decided against it. We got bored at the mall, so we went off to Downtown. Got there and nothing was going on, so decided to go to Chat Noir. I hadn’t been there in forever and I always LOVE the food. So ask the guy at JJ’s for a phone book, find out where it is, and then head in that direction. We didn’t really think it’d be that hard to find. So we go there, and get totaly lost in the ghetto of DM. Had to stop at a DQ to ask directions, although we didn’t because Dustin called and helped us out. Thanks DW! We got there and we had a HORRIBLE waitress. She was so stupid and looked really bitchy. I got a crepe, and Andrew got a pie thing, both REALLY good! Although last time I got that crepe, it had chocolate on it, but this time it didn’t. I was sad. But it was still really good! I was going to leave a tip that night, but the waitress was such a bitch when she brought back my change that I decided not too. Whore slut. If only she had at least smiled once!

After the food we went back to downtown, and hung out ontop of a parking garage. It was very nice and we watched the moon rise, as it was nearly a full moon. Downtown DM is so pretty from up there. Andrew ended up having to pee and that was very amusing. He was just going to pee in the corner on the opposite end of the thing, but there were cops down there, so he came back to the end we were sitting on and tried peeing in a corner there, but couldn’t. It was all very amusing! And then the cop started walking around, so we left quickly. Went back to JJ’s where we saw Shelepy again. I didn’t talk to him, because we both had to go pee and he was with a bunch of people already.

Once we had both peed we broke and Andrew drove me back to my car. We hung out at the WF parking lot for a bit and then broke-broke and went home. I stayed up working on some presents and stuff tell about 2 or 3. Also made a list of all the shit that I had to remember to take to my G&G’s house the next day, and all the stuff that I had to do before I left. It was very long!

Got up Saturday morning mucho early. Did all my stuff. I drove to Ankeny for a while to get things, and ended up buying my dad some fish for the pond. I gave them to him when I got home and he seemed happy. I hope he hasn’t killed them yet. I don’t really see how he can. About 11:30 I left nad headed for Andrew’s as we were to meet at 12:15. I drove over there. Got gas at the Hy-Vee and then went on to his house. Picked him up and got a few last minute things at Hy-Vee and we were off! ROAD TRIP!

The drive down was very nice, and there weren’t many people out on the roads. We talked about a ton of random things and not much really happened. We got to Lenox about 2:30 or so. Talked to my G&G for a while and then they put us to work. I mowed the yard and Andrew trimmed the bushes. He did an excellent job too! Even my Grandpa said he did! I also had to clean some of the gutters, and that was REALLY nasty, so I just did a few feet of each one. Just enough to clear them out so that they weren’t clogged up any more. Someone else will have to do that stuff when they have more time then we did. After all the physical labor, we were both very hot and sweaty. So we went inside and took showers. (Notice the ‘s’. We did take seperate showers, thanks!) After that we ate supper, and it was UBER great! Just like always… Though the noodles were a bit darker than normal, they stil tasted wonderfull. My mouth is watering just thinking about it. I want to go back and have some more now!

Once supper was over, Andrew and I helped my Gma with the dishes, and then we walked up to Cheese’s with her to get some stuff for breakfast. On the way home we stopped and talked to my GG and her company. Andrew and I talked to the guy, about how we want to travel all over… Well I talked to him, Andrew just kinda stood there. lol. Guy had a really nice rig and I totaly want one NOW! Once we were done with that we headed back to the G&G’s house. From there Andrew and I went out to the dump, and then I drove him out to Wilson’s lake. I was hoping it was empty as it normally is this time of year. But guy had said there were a lot of people out there. We got there about 8:15ish, and one side was empty and the other side was full. So we went to the empty side, which just happened to be the side that I wanted to be on anyways. Got there and walked around, they hadn’t put out all of the dock just yet, and that annoyed me. But they had some of it out, so we sat on that and watched the sun set. It was so pretty, the relfection on the lake, and the sun through the trees. And there were just enough clouds in the sky to make it all light up, purple and orange and red. But not so many that it blocked the view of the sun as it went down behing the horizon. So romantic!

We had also taken some citronella candles (again with the ‘s’, yes we took TWO) but they didn’t seem to help, so we got eaten alive by bugs. But it was still VERY nice out there. Str8 boys kept driving by though and it scared us. So we didn’t stay as long as I had wanted too. But we got to see some of the nice stars that you can see out there. At one point a car turned down the road we were on, so we quickly picked up all our stuff and went back to the truck. The car pulled up right behind us as we were getting into the truck. I was so scared. Luckly they turned around and left. I hate the fact that we have to be so scared when all we’re doing is trying to be romantic. It always ruins the times that we have together. Fucking breeders get over it! It sucks so much. As I was getting ready to go, I noticed in my mirror that the moon had finally come up enough so that you could see it. So I made Andrew get out and we went back and stood and looked at that for a while. At least we got most of the romantic things done that I had planned. Though, not all of them and that makes me sad. Perhaps we’ll have to go back. Though I’m busy looking for somewhere around here that’s just as nice, and perhaps more secluded!

We drove back to my G&G’s house. Talked to my Gma some more, ate a few cookies and then hit the sack. As the next day was going to be a LONG one!

The alarm sounded at shortly before 8:00. It scared Andrew to death. He flew off of me, and about rolled out of the bed. It was very funny. Once he regained his composure, we were laying in bed cuddling, when the 8:00 whistle went off, and that too scared ths shit out of him, and he again went flying across the room. It was very funny! We finally got out of bed about 8:30, went downstairs, did our hair/contact thing and then ate breakfast. Gma had made excellent biscuits and gravy. Andrew had never had them before, and it’s a good thing he had some that were good. Because it’s very easy to fuck them up! He seemed to like them, as he ate like 10 plates full! lol. After breakfast we packed up, stole some more biscuits and then headed out to Omaha.

Pulled into Omaha about 11ish, there was some crazy christian thing going on at the stadium, which happened to be right next to the zoo. I’d like to know who’s great ass idea it was to put a stadium and zoo next to each other. Of all things, that shouldn’t be put next to each other. We finally figured out the parking situation and got in. We were very scared because the guy infront of us handed the woman taking money a $20 and only got $2 back. So we were like. “I hope parking isn’t $18!!!!” It wasn’t though, they were taking the admission there, so that was cool. We went into the zoo and had a WONDERFULL time. It was so much fun there. A bit hot, but very nice.

There was much holding hands, and stuff. I’m sure that the breeders didn’t really like it that much, but whatever. We have a right to hold hands, etc in public. Just as they do. We walked around all day, and saw everything. It was so much fun! Andrew kept saying how cute the animals were. And it’s very true, they really are VERY cute. And so was he! He was like a child in a candy store around that place. It was just so much fun!

We kept the indoor things for last. As we were buying our Imax tickets there was this boy running the line over, and he kept staring at us. Just as we were getting out tickets he said asked us… “Are you two together?”

I was shocked that anyone would be brave enough to ask such a thing in NE. I had had a feeling that he was gay just by looking at him, but yeah. It was so cute that he asked. Andrew said, “Yeah we are.” Then gay boy said, “You two are so cute together!”

We thanked him and then went to the gift shop to wait tell the movie started. I felt so special the rest of the day, someone thinks we’re a cute couple! How cute is that! 😀

The movie was really great. It was a 3D movie and we had to wear these big ass glasses, we looked so funny in them, and we tried to make out with them on, but it just didn’t work! lol. There was some crazy guy next to us that kept tickling his child, and I wanted to slap him cause he was so annoying. And the stupid people in front of us kept trying to grab at the things. I was like, “Hello, we all know that it’s just a movie, it’s not actually moving towards you.” Dumbasses.

After the movie we went over to the aquarium. That was UBER fun. And all the fish are so cute. It’s so amazing that some of those things are actually living species. We sat by the sting rays for a while, and Andrew gushed about how cute they were. I was just happy that he was happy! He’s so cute when he’s like that. 😀

Once we were done with that, we flew through the jungle. By that time we were both getting very tired and it was getting late and we had no idea how long it would take to get back to DM. So we didn’t really look at too much of the stuff there. It all looked boring anyways. lol.

Left the zoo and drove home. That was a great ride, we just talked about a ton of random stuff and made fun of some stupid people that we know.

At one point I was doing about 75 in the fast lane passing a semi-truck. I looked behind me and see a fucking COP with his lights and sirens on. I was so SCARED. I though for sure that he was going to pull me over. So sped up and got infront of the trucker. Luckly the cop just went FLYING past me and kept on going. I don’t know where he was headed, but we never saw him have anyone pulled over anywhere. That was uber scary!

Finally got home about 7:30ish. Way before I thought we would. And the ride seemed like it went by very quickly. Once we got here we decided we had time to eat out, and we were hungry. So off to Cheddars we went. We got a really good waitress there, and she was tons of fun. Andrew paid and I left the tip. Thanks Drew Bear!

Got done at Cheddars about 8:30 and went back to his. Layed around on his bed untell 9 when I left to come back to Ames. It was very sad to leave after having spent the whole weekend with him.

Other things that happened throughout the weekend are:
1) Talked about dates for the trip to EWR and LAX. Looks like Aug 15th or so.
2) Talked about things to do in EWR and LAX.
3) Talked about dates for the trip to MCI and ORD and also things to do there.
4) Spilled the beans for some other secret plans.
5) Talked about the trip to Adventurland next weekend.
6) Perhaps a second showing at the Omaha Zoo if time permits.
7) Lots of nasty white trash breeders

I also got an invite to Angels wedding. I dunno if I’ll go or not though, as it seems that none of my hs freinds really want to hang out with me anymore. Since apparently the all hung out and neglected to call me. Whatever. I’m still undecided about going.

Lots of other shit happened that I can’t really remember right now. But I’m sure it’ll come back to me, and at that time, I won’t want to update again! lol.

I’d also like to make a public service announcement… Contrary to popular belief Andrew and I are NOT having sex. Thank you!

Ok.. On to what else has been happening…

This morning I got up early, about 7:30 or so, and showered etc. I read some more of Glover. Nearly done, I can’t wait! I then went off to class. This class should be fairly nice. The prof for it is the guy that actually started the class here at ISU 16 years ago. He now mostly teaches Grad level classes, but said that he likes to teach the summer section of this class just to keep up on the technology. He seemed really nice and like a good guy. So that’s exciting. We also picked our groups for the project, and I got into a group with people that were in my MIS 432 class last semester. They seemed to have always had thier stuff done on time. So that’s a good sign. I think the next 4 weeks will go by quickly.

Class to work, which is where I am now. I have so much shit to do that I really shouldn’t have spent most of the day writing this… In between actually working. lol.

I have lots of pics from the weekend, but I don’t know if I’ll put them up or not. We’ll have to see about that. Also need to purchase more HD space from my provider. I found out that it’s $1 a month per 100 Megs. So that’s not too bad. I only need about another 100 Megs.

Now it’s off to the private entries…

Laters all!

My Life

Stupid Bitch

So, yesterday Adam called me at work and said he had a present for me…. It was a cute little kitten. However, since I can’t have animals at my apartment and it’s $100 fine PER DAY, I didn’t want to take the chance. So I said, lets call my mom. We called her and explained the whole story… She said she’d keep it and take care of it. So we took it over there and hung out and she played with it for like an hour before we left. She said she’d keep it.

I was all excited cause we had a new cat and everything, and it was fun times… Well about 46 minutes ago we arived at my house, and went into the living room, asked where the kitten was… She got this horrid look on her face and said that Connie, my aunt, had come with my cousins and they had taken the cat. Cause they “latched onto it” I was fumming with anger. I wanted so badly to jump on her and punch her and scream… WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU!

First of all, we called you. NOT them to take care of it. If you didn’t want the damn cat, then you should have said so on the phone. Second, you don’t just go and give it away. I wanted to keep the cat, it was cute and I wanted a cat. GRRR! Stupid bitch.

So, on a better note. Last night sucked, we went out and there wasn’t anyone around… No one was even going to go to Java Joes so that we could hang out before they went to the club. GRR at that.

So Adam and I said screw this and went back to my apartment.. Well we stopped at his house first and made salsa. Then we went back to my apartment. WE ate and talked and had a good time. It was lots of fun. We also stayed up tell like 3am linuxifing his computer. It was great times.

This morning I got up at like 8 and Adam opted to sleep more, so I went in and worked more on his computer. Then we had to meet my dad’s boss in Des Moines, so we drove there and went to work on his computer. That was alright. While we were there we decided to re-linuxify his computer…. It looks like we’re going to have to re-do it yet again. lol

After three hours at his house, and sitting there waiting for his computer to do a virus check, we left to go to Perry… which is a LONG fucking way from Altoona, which is pretty much where we were!

We went to Perry and that was fun, we fixed her computer in no time flat, and I made $20, so that was good! After that we hung out and she gave me some plants and some cute litte candle holders… She also gave me this CUTE throw blanket thing. It’s so cute!

From there we went back to my house and found out the horrid news. Which now has me in a REALLY pissy mood, STUPID BITCH! Gwar!

It looks like I”ll have to go back to my dad’s bosses house tomorrow and shit to finish fixing his computer….

I’m out now…. I want to go out tonight though. So we’ll see.

My Life

About Me

Hi, I’m Chris. Well, I was born in Iowa and have lived in a small down just

north of Des Moines all my life. I’m a Sophomore in College. I attend Iowa

State University and am Majoring in MIS.

In case you hadn’t noticed, I am gay. I am out to my parents and they took

it really coo. In fact they are taking it a bit to cool if you ask me. They

thought I was dating one of my friends and they were bothering me about it.

I do however have on wonderful boyfriend named Adam.

We’ve been going out since Dec 17. It’s a long story as to how became boyfriends, but I love him

drealy and that’s what matters. I’ve known

that I was gay since I was about 12 or so. But I didn’t start coming out tell

just this last year, in fact I told my cousin first, back on Oct. 11, 2000,

National Coming Out Day. She took it really well and then I told my friends.

Who most of them were also gay. I don’t know why it took me so long to tell

them, but it was cool once I did.

In my free time, I’m usually found wondering around Des Moines or in my dorm

room studying. I like to hang out at Java Joes, and The Loop. There’s really

a lot to do in Des Moines, and I like it here now. When I was growing up I

didn’t really have anything to do cause I was pretty antisocial. But now that

people know who I am, I’m liking it and finding a lot of stuff to do around

here. It’s a nice city.

There’s a lot to me, I may seem simple on the outside, but on the inside,

I’m very complex, like most people. Most of my friends really don’t know what’s

going on in my head. If you want to know, ask. I won’t tell unless you ask,

I’m one of those types of people. Small talk just isn’t my thing, I like it,

if I’m not in charge of the conversation. But I won’t start small talk. Well

I usually won’t start talking unless someone talks to me. That’s just the

way I am, Shy. That describes me well. I’m Shy.

I really suck at a lot of things, I’m not artistic, I can’t do music, I hate

writing, I dislike phones, I don’t know what it is about them, but I don’t

like talking on them. But at the things I can do, I do them well. I like computers,

I’m a geek. People tell me I’m not the "geeky" type, but I spend

a lot of time around computers and working on them.

I’m also really good when it comes to the outdoors, now granted, I can’t

name 10 types of trees, or point out 10 different plants and tell you what

they are. But I can spot poisonous plants and tell you that you can eat that

plants fruit. I like to camp, it’s one of those things. I also just enjoy

being out doors, looking at nature. I love summer nights. There’s this place

at Camp Mitigwa, it’s called Frankel Field. It’s a big open field with grass

about 4 feet tall. I love to just go there late at night and lay in the grass

listening to the animals and looking at the stars, it’s a secluded area of

camp, so there’s never anyone else there. I love the outdoors.

As for my family, I have a brother and well my parents. I recently told my

parents that I was gay, and my cousin and one of my aunts knows, but I don’t

think my brother has been officially told. They are all nice, they’re a family

and such. They get on my nerves a lot But I can deal.

Here’s a picture of me that Adam took at

801 Grand in Des Moines, from 09/22/01.

Here’s some of my friend’s websites:

  • Adam – My Best Friend in the

    world. We met this last summer (’01) through Angel, we are currently dating and have been since

    Dec 17, 2001. We are planning on moving to AZ in ’07

  • Julian – A friend from HS. We

    usually hung out in HS in the computer lab, but I didn’t really start hanging

    out with him tell after HS.

  • Vero – Another friend from HS.

    About the same story as Julian

  • Andi – Another friend I met through Adam. We hang out and such.
  • Beakie – My Favorite Cousin.

    She’s the first person I officially came out too.

  • Amber – Another friend

    from HS. We never realy hang out or anything, but we talk everyonce in a


  • Jessa

    Vero’s sister. We talk and such.

  • Kat

    Someone Vero knows through French Camp, her journal is really cool. And

    she’s really good at HTML and the like.

  • Leah – I met

    her through Adam. Very interesting person.

  • Christopher Street – I don’t really

    know this guy, but I like reading his journal.

  • Cale Fisher – I don’t

    really know this guy either, we’ve corrosponded through e-mail. He lives

    in Canada and I like his journal.

Ways you can contact me are:

  • Email:
  • AIM: Blackc2004
  • MSN:
  • In person, walk up to me and say "Hey I saw your website and it sucked."

    Something along those lines will make sure I hear you.