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A Day In New York

Well yesterday was very fun. We spent the day in New York City. So much excitement there.

Though it really wasn’t at all what I was expecting. WE got up about 8 and got ready and drove into the city with Sue and John, got there about 10ish and went to Sue’s office. That was fairly interesting. After that we walked out of the office and towards Central Park. Sue showed us where to go and we headed into the park. That was really cool. I was very amazed at how there could be such a huge park in the middle of such a big city!

I was also very amazed at how many people there were in the park running and such. Very interesting. We headed towards the Central Park Zoo and had a good time there it wasn’t as big as I thought it would be, but it had all the major animals that make a zoo, so I guess it counts. So that was fun.

After the zoo we headed back into the park and found this REALLY cool area, where we both declared it would be a great place to hold a wedding. It was so pretty! We sat there and had a hot dog and pop. After that we headed back towards Central Park West and 77th to the Museum of Natural History. We got there and the line was REALLY long. So we stood in it and there was this Indian woman that kept staring at us. Very annoying. We finally got through the line, it cost me only $9 to get in, so that wasn’t too bad.. $3 less then normal admission.

We got in there and walked around forever! It was really really cool, but again, I wasn’t in the mood to sit and read everything. Museums that big need to be a two or three day thing. I really do think so. Again, it was a really cool museum, but about half way through my feet really stated to hurt, so I sat down for a bit. After that they felt better, but we just breezed through the rest of the place. Good times though.

Headed out of there about 3:30 and towards 5th (back through the park again) and then took 5th from 77th down to about 42nd. We stopped in all the crazy expensive shops. It’s so insane that in some of them it’s like $200 or $300 for a fucking t-shirt. Very annoying. And some of the suits were like $1800, and all they were were plain black two button suits. Crazyness. And of course everyone in the stores was UBER bitchy. It’s like, HELLO, why would anyone shop here, people are far too bitchy.

Kept walking and we ran into these people that we’re like, What are you guys following us it was very weird because we had no idea who they were and they were just like randomly talking too us. They claimed to have seen us in the museum and the zoo, then again where we were. Very scary. We crossed the street to avoid them.

The Gap store was closed, the only store that we could afford and it was closed, How sad is that! Grrr.

Anyways, kept walking to 42nd and then took that down to 7th, where times square is. That was really cool to see, I took a panoramic picture of it and hopefully it’ll turn out well.

We shopped a bit more after that, and then headed down 7th where there was this HUGE street fair. Very cool times. We were a bit pressed for time by then, so we didn’t hang out there too much. After that we kinda headed over to 8th and walked down it a bit, Found more porn stores in like a 2 block area then we have in all of Iowa. Very insane! But since we didn’t have time we didn’t go into any of them, very sad!

Once we found 33rd street we looked for the train station, because it was about 6:30 by then. Found what I thought was it, but since it didn’t say Penn Station on it, we didn’t know if that was right, so we walked across the street to Macy’s and asked. It was indeed Penn Station, so we walked down there and couldn’t figure out the trains, so we had to ask this crazy woman. She was very helpful though and we figured it all out.

The little display that had the info on it as to where our train was coming it at (Tracks 1-12, but who knew which track it would be on) didn’t have the track number on it, at about 6:50 it FINALLY got the number on it and everyone that was standing around stated RUNNING like mad men to the train. So Andrew and I were like, we better run too. So we ran through all the people and got to the door for track 12, and found out that all those people were actually running to somewhere else (I’m guessing track 13-21 since they were in the same area). So we got on the train and just picked the first door that we came too, went in and sat down.

My god was that a BAD idea. It was so fucking hot in there, and since we had never been on these trains before we had no idea if it was supposed to have been that hot or not. So we sat there for a while and everyone that came in was like, OMG, it’s HOT

Eventually someone said that it was cooler in the other cars, so we went and sat in the one behind us.

It was very scary sitting on that train though tell it left the station because we had no idea if we were actually on the right train or not. But once the train stated moving they said that it was going to the place that we needed to go to. So that’s good.

The train ride was all right. I tried to sleep, but really couldn’t.

Got home and it was late, we laid around in bed for a bit, then went down and got cheesecake, then came back upstairs and Andrew gave me a message. That was VERY nice 😉

Today we didn’t get out of bed tell like 11, and haven’t done much since. His grandma came over and she was funny. But she didn’t stay long.

Anyways, I’m out, Laters all!

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