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Ok, so yesterday we were supposed to have gone out with Andrew’s dad to go mini golfing. I figure he should have been here about 5ish or so, but he called and said that the power just went out and he didn’t know what time he would be offpick work, so Mary was going to come pick us up and then take us out somewhere and he would meet up with us. So we call her and they were just leaving the beach about 6ish or so, which is an hour away from here.

So we were supposed to be picked up probably around 5, but ended up not being picked up tell nearly 8. Very annoying.

All because of some blasted fucking blackout in NYC, and most of the north east. Sue and John were both stuck in NYC. They were some of the crazy millions of people that were all walking around. It was so crazy, they closed the bridges and people were all walking home. It was major chaos, thankfully they got a train about 10 or so from Penn Station.

It was mad around here for a bit while that was happening.

Anyways, we finally get to dinner and eat and stuff. We went to this place called Big Ed’s they had ribs, which were pretty good. But I got something else,. The chicken fingers.

Umm, after that we went over to his dad’s house and saw Bryan for a bit since he didn’t come to dinner. That was crazy because Andrew abandond me downstairs so I was cornered by his dad and we talked about the big flood in their house. Crazyness. Eventually Mary saved me and I went upstairs to find Andrew and Brayn and Eric all in bed together. Iit was so cute, I wanted a picture of it!

We finally got home at like 10:30 which was really annoying because we were supposed to get up really early to go into NY this morning by train.

So we got up this morning at 6:30, both of us showered and were getting ready when we found out that most of NY still didn’t have power. So that was annoying. I went back to sleep and Andrew played video games.

We finally rolled out of bed about 10:30 or so and went downstairs, watched springer and just spent the day here in our Pj’s. Very cute. Though Everyone was home and were being very annoying.

We got yelled at for having our pop/water on the end table, Now, this is very annoying because he’s got this copper coffee table, and if you set something on it it leaves marks, but there’s no COASTERS to put anything on, so we were like.. Well put it on the end table which has a table cloth on it, well he yelled at us for having it there. It was like.. .WELL WHERE DO YOU WANT IT PUT!!. Then he made some comment under his breathe aabout not being able to wait tell we leave. I found it very rude. Then his mom was all bitchy because we didn’t want to go swimming. And that’s because the pool is uber cold.

Anyways, much bitching went on.

Tonight we went to some outlet mall thing. That was GREAT. I got 7 new pairs of underwear. Though this wasn’t tell after all the bickering and bitching at the dinner table about how they are paying for Andrew’s college yet agagin. And also how Sue asked him like 10 times why he wanted to go there in the first place. And the waitress there was such a stupid WHORE!

Shopping was fun. We met back up with his mom/john/Kelly/grandpa about 8, but had to sit there tell 8:50 because the checkout woman was really stupid.

Rod home with his grandpa in his Mercedes convertible, that was fun. And stopped at some place for ice cream.

Now we’re here.

We should be going to NY tomorrow morning. John and Sue are going to drive us in and then we’re going to take the train back. Should be fun. I have $100 left to spend. That should get me through for the rest of the time here cause once we get to Cali I shouldn’t have to spend too much.

Night all. I’m tired!

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