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A Day Of Flights

Well here I am sitting in the EWR airport. Terminal C, gate 94. It’s 10 to 9 here and my flight doesn’t board tell 1015 or so. This is very sad for me, we’re finally fliying out of here to Orange, Ca.

The week has been great so far, and I’ve really enjoyed sharing it with Andrew. I’m so glad that I got the chance to come, even though we are flying on different flights. I really wish that he was here with me now I really need him to be.

I love how they say on the intercom that unattended luggage can be Damaged or destroyed. Very reassuring.

Yesterday was pretty good. We walked over to the mall and hung out at B&N for a long time. I got yelled at for not having my shoes on in the store and I flipped the woman off. What a whore face.

After that we went and walked around the mall for a long time. It was nice. We found this place that was selling thongs for $.25 I was going to buy one so that Andrew would wear it for me, but I didn’t have $.25 on me and I didn’t want to break a $20. lol.

I did find a new wallet though. I really needed one I like it, though I’m going to have to get used to it, or it’s going to have to get used to my ass. One or the other.

After the mall we went home, ate Fried Dough. Which was really good. And then hung out in our room for the rest of the night playing video games and just having a good time.

This morning we got up at 7, and got ready to go. Andrew and I were both ready go by 7:20, so we just sat around tell about 7:45 when we left. The ride here was a bit cramped because the Jaguar couldn’t fit all of our luggage in the trunk, so we had Andrew’s big suitcase next to us.

Drove here and dropped them off at Terminal A, and then grandpa drove me over to terminal C. I’m glad that he drove me here too, I was just going to take the tram over from terminal A. But once we got here and saw how long the lines for checkin were. I’m glad that he drove me here. Though it really didn’t take that long to get through everything. The lines moved fast. And since the checkin lines were so long, I was expecting the security lines to be really long too. But it really wasn’t. Actually there wasn’t ANYONE in line for security, I just flew right thought. So that was cool.

Grandpa and I talked on the way here about how sad it is to see everyone leave. I’m glad it was a short drive here cause otherwise I would have broken out crying hysterically.

Anyways, I hope that my flights go well and everything is good to go. It seems like everything is fine so far.

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