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One Last Time

So last night Andrew and I were laying in bed, and we wanted to make love one last time before he left.

I went and cleaned and everything, but then checked to make sure it was all good. Damn Cosby Kids didn’t want to go to the pool. Fuckers.

So we just made out and stuff. It was really good to get to do at least that much one last time.

I’m really really going to miss him so much. I put all the pictures on my computer and was doing a quick slide show so that he could see them all, and I just kept crying so much. I held them back mostly, but all the pictures are so cute, and so wonderful. They remind me of what a great guy he is, and was.

I’m so sad to see him going, and it sucks so much that he’s leaving. I have a feeling that Thursday morning I’ll be sitting in my office crying for a while. Hopefully Ramsey won’t be there, so I don’t have to kick him out of my office.

Anyways, my battery is dying, so I’ll have to go.


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