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Bitch Bitch Bitch

So some people just don’t know when to stop bitching. We’ve been on this flight now for an hour and someone is still bitching about the same thing she was bitching about when she got on the god damn flight.

This plane has 6 seats, 3 on each side of the isle.

There’s a family, that needs 4 seats, 3 on one side of the isle, 1 on the other side. The other two seats are empty.

Another family gets on, they are spread all over the plane. 4 people, The dad talks to one of the attendants or whatever they are called, and gets it so that his wife and one of his SMALL (IE 5 or 6) children are sitting in those two empty seats next to the father of afore mentioned family. The other small child of family number 2 is in the middle seat infront of the mother and small child number 1. The father of family number 2 is in seat 16f, 10 rows infront of his wife and other SMALL children.

It becomes vary apparent that small child number 2 needs to sit next to mother. So the famther of Family number 1, sitting across the isle from his family and two TEENAGE kids offers to move foreward ONE row.

His wife then begins to throw a HUGE hissy fit, because they are doing things to to help family number 2 be closer together and they are pulling her family apart.

Now, first off, she has two TEENAGE kids, who I’m sure don’t want to sit next to each other, and REALLY don’t want to sit next to their mother who is now being UBER emarassing. I was embarrassed for them!

And secondly, the FATHER of family number 1 OFFERED to move so that family number 2’s children could both sit with their mother!

She bitched and bitched about it so much that they had to have the captian of the plane come back and ask her to calm down or else she would have to leave the plane.

I wanted to turn around and bitch at her and be like, WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU THINKING you stupid fucking woman!

She bitched so much, and no EVERYTIME that an attendant walks by she bitches at them some more about it. What a WHORE face.

God I really want to turn around and bitch slap her!

Anyways, other then that the flight is going really well. I’ve taken a few more pics and stuff, so that’s exciting. I got out my computer so that I could put them on here, but I can’t find the thing to do that. So It’ll have to wait tell I get home, or at least to the airport so that I can dig through my bag a bit more.

My flight left right on time, and we’re going to be into Huston a bit early, so hopefully Andrew and Sue’s flight is going well too.

It’s very pretty flying up here today, just the right amount of clouds and you can see the ground pretty clearly. It’s so pretty. Really makes me want to fly more often then I do. I hope that I can continue to afford to fly some.

Oh, I forgot to mention that Andrew’s Grandpa gave me a hug at the airport, I thought that was really sweet of him.

Anyways, I’m going to go look at my pictures now. Laters all!

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