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Hi, I’m Chris. Well, I was born in Iowa and have lived in a small down just

north of Des Moines all my life. I’m a Sophomore in College. I attend Iowa

State University and am Majoring in MIS.

In case you hadn’t noticed, I am gay. I am out to my parents and they took

it really coo. In fact they are taking it a bit to cool if you ask me. They

thought I was dating one of my friends and they were bothering me about it.

I do however have on wonderful boyfriend named Adam.

We’ve been going out since Dec 17. It’s a long story as to how became boyfriends, but I love him

drealy and that’s what matters. I’ve known

that I was gay since I was about 12 or so. But I didn’t start coming out tell

just this last year, in fact I told my cousin first, back on Oct. 11, 2000,

National Coming Out Day. She took it really well and then I told my friends.

Who most of them were also gay. I don’t know why it took me so long to tell

them, but it was cool once I did.

In my free time, I’m usually found wondering around Des Moines or in my dorm

room studying. I like to hang out at Java Joes, and The Loop. There’s really

a lot to do in Des Moines, and I like it here now. When I was growing up I

didn’t really have anything to do cause I was pretty antisocial. But now that

people know who I am, I’m liking it and finding a lot of stuff to do around

here. It’s a nice city.

There’s a lot to me, I may seem simple on the outside, but on the inside,

I’m very complex, like most people. Most of my friends really don’t know what’s

going on in my head. If you want to know, ask. I won’t tell unless you ask,

I’m one of those types of people. Small talk just isn’t my thing, I like it,

if I’m not in charge of the conversation. But I won’t start small talk. Well

I usually won’t start talking unless someone talks to me. That’s just the

way I am, Shy. That describes me well. I’m Shy.

I really suck at a lot of things, I’m not artistic, I can’t do music, I hate

writing, I dislike phones, I don’t know what it is about them, but I don’t

like talking on them. But at the things I can do, I do them well. I like computers,

I’m a geek. People tell me I’m not the "geeky" type, but I spend

a lot of time around computers and working on them.

I’m also really good when it comes to the outdoors, now granted, I can’t

name 10 types of trees, or point out 10 different plants and tell you what

they are. But I can spot poisonous plants and tell you that you can eat that

plants fruit. I like to camp, it’s one of those things. I also just enjoy

being out doors, looking at nature. I love summer nights. There’s this place

at Camp Mitigwa, it’s called Frankel Field. It’s a big open field with grass

about 4 feet tall. I love to just go there late at night and lay in the grass

listening to the animals and looking at the stars, it’s a secluded area of

camp, so there’s never anyone else there. I love the outdoors.

As for my family, I have a brother and well my parents. I recently told my

parents that I was gay, and my cousin and one of my aunts knows, but I don’t

think my brother has been officially told. They are all nice, they’re a family

and such. They get on my nerves a lot But I can deal.

Here’s a picture of me that Adam took at

801 Grand in Des Moines, from 09/22/01.

Here’s some of my friend’s websites:

  • Adam – My Best Friend in the

    world. We met this last summer (’01) through Angel, we are currently dating and have been since

    Dec 17, 2001. We are planning on moving to AZ in ’07

  • Julian – A friend from HS. We

    usually hung out in HS in the computer lab, but I didn’t really start hanging

    out with him tell after HS.

  • Vero – Another friend from HS.

    About the same story as Julian

  • Andi – Another friend I met through Adam. We hang out and such.
  • Beakie – My Favorite Cousin.

    She’s the first person I officially came out too.

  • Amber – Another friend

    from HS. We never realy hang out or anything, but we talk everyonce in a


  • Jessa

    Vero’s sister. We talk and such.

  • Kat

    Someone Vero knows through French Camp, her journal is really cool. And

    she’s really good at HTML and the like.

  • Leah – I met

    her through Adam. Very interesting person.

  • Christopher Street – I don’t really

    know this guy, but I like reading his journal.

  • Cale Fisher – I don’t

    really know this guy either, we’ve corrosponded through e-mail. He lives

    in Canada and I like his journal.

Ways you can contact me are:

  • Email: blackc2004@gmx.net
  • AIM: Blackc2004
  • MSN: blackc2004@hotmail.com
  • In person, walk up to me and say "Hey I saw your website and it sucked."

    Something along those lines will make sure I hear you.

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