My Life

Weekends over.

Well the weekends over and it’s time to get back to things at hand.

Today was good, Adam and I hung out and did pretty much nothing. We didn’t repot his Bonsia, we were going to, but he couldn’t find a big enough pot for it. It was good. Rob randomly bought a new grill, cause he wanted his steaks to be “Flame broiled” he didn’t like his gas grill. That was amusing. Reall there’s not much going on.

We’re going Lenox. I can’t wair for that.

La la. I got distracted and can’t remember what I was thinking about….

Oh.. On Friday night Adam and I went to the gay loop, as we turned onto the loop were we ever surprised to see how busy it was.. But as we drove by all the people we realized it was the busses for the Wrestlers. How funny is that shit.

Ok. I’m out.

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