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Weekend Wonders

Well this weekend’s been good so far. Friday night Adam and I went downtown and hung out for a while. We saw alot of hot wrestler guys, it was good. Then we got bored so we came back to my house and went hot tubbing. It was a good night for that. Saturday he worked tell 3, so I went over to Ankeny about 1ish cause I had to bithc at my cell phone company people. I went in there and bitched and the hot guy took $30 off my cell phone bill for this month. He was hot. Then I went and talked to Julian at Wal-Mart. He was just getting ready to go n break, so I went back and talked to him in the break room, that was amusing. Wal-Mart has these new, really cool computer, for $399, I’m going to buy one. Usually shipping on a computer is like $50, so I thought if they were going to carry them in store, I’d buy one there and only have to pay taxes, well last night I checked it out and shipping is only $15, so I’m going to buy one online. I’m also going to talk to my PU’s and see if they’ll buy one to upgrade thier computer and then I’ll get the old one for my use. I need a new computer to use, so yeah. It’d be cool. Julian and I talked for like an hour, it was good times. After that I went over to Adam’s and we went to Saylorville and just hung out there walking round and stuff, it was fun.

We also called David last night at work. That was amusing cause he would have never susupected us to be calling him at work. We’re going to hang out with him Friday sometime.

Adam get’s off at 4 today. I dunno what we’re going to go. I’m guessing he’ll probably repot a Bonsai or something, cause that’s what he always ends up doing.

Ok, well I’m going to head out now. Laters all.

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