My Life


Ok so this is just for people’s information. I steal alot of stuff and ideas
for my website and such. Most of the scripting and other stuff it stolen from
one of those free script places. All the quotes and such are stolen from various
places, I get most of them from a perl script that randomly generates the
quotes, and I also get them off people’s .sig’s and such. If you find anything
that you would like removed or such, just e-mail me and I’ll be glad to consider
it, Thanks.

Pictures, Poems, Stories, Opinions, Everything Else. Is copyrighted by thier
respective owners.

Another thing, anything you say to me, either in writing or in person. does
have the chance of being put up here, if you don’t like it being here, you
can simple talk to me about it, and i may take it down.

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