Jan 30, 2001

So i got up this morening at 6 like i normally do, went

to take my shower and got dressed by 6:45. then i sat down read my e-mail

and such, checked the messages people left for me over night, yadda, yadda,

then about 7:45 or so i went over to the TC to get my morning milk and such.

and i got over there and found out that classes had been cancelced until 10 oclock. so i was alright, now i can’t go back to the room cause the roomie

and his gf were in here fucking like animals. so yeah i just hung out in the

TC tell 11 when my next class was supposed to start well i went there. and

the damn pro didn’t show up cause he got snowed in and no one told us or left

a damn note. so i was royaly angered cause i could’ve slept for like four

more hours, but no i was stuck no where, i didn’t have a home. and it really

sucked up here, cause the weather is soooooo bad. all the interstates are

closed, they pulled all the plows off the roads here in town last nght at

10 and they aren’t going to start plowing tell tonight after the winds die

down, so NOTHING is plowed and there’s drifts all over the place that you

gotta walk through and shit. it’s really pretty i like this weather, if i

would just have a nice fire place and someone to cuddle up with infront of

it, but when i have to go out in it and such i really hate it. cause round

here they are just all twats and can’t fucking plow shit. and the roads are

all nasty. it was actually raining yesterday morning and then it started to snow bout 4 or so and overnight we got about 13 inches and it’s been coming

down pretty heavy all day, they are saying we should get like 22 inches by

the time it’s all over. below are some pics of what it looked like yesterday.

and today. well really other then the weather nothing to bitch about. i have

a clas yet to go to at 3 i really don’t want to, but i need to cause i’m not

getting the whole debit credit thing, this book explains it all funky so i

just want him to clear it up. so yeah. ok so yeah, i just got back from what

was supposed to be a 3 oclock class, and again the pro didn’t show up, but

this time they left a note. so this is kinda cool, no classes today, but it

sucked cause the fucking roomie is such an ass. ARG. i just wanna kill him.

he SMELLS so fucking bad. nasty shit. i don’t see how he could have a gf,

yucky, i know i sures as hell wouldn’t go out with him. or anyone like him.

nasty. nasty. nasty. he’s gone at the moment, so i have the window and the

door open to air this place out some. and what’s really gross is he can’t

smell it. eww. and even when i have the door open, he’ll come in and close

it, or he’ll come in and then leave and close it, so i have to get up and

open the damn thing again, haven’t people ever heard of leave things they

way you found em? fucking jerks. ya know i think i’m going to have to come

up with a new way to do this. the files are getting a bit to big.